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Tuesday 24th November 2020, 6pm – 9.30pm

This new sector specific event looked at Gold as an asset and how to invest in it covering everything from buying gold coins and bars through to stakes in gold producers paying regular dividends. We covered ETFs, gold indexes, gold exploration & mining companies and investment funds and feature a number of presentations.  The webinar provided a broad and complete range with a panel session to cover all these options and assessing the risks and opportunities now open to investors.

We had Golden Prospect Fund and a number of listed companies generating returns from Gold presenting, together with the latest insights on Gold from Investment Manager Martin Guilbert of WHIreland.  The evening webinar featured a Gold panel discussion with highly respected Gold investor and ShareSoc Director Mark Bentley, Gold and precious metals Fund Managers and analysts.  

MelloMonday on 9th November

This month saw an interview with Fund Manager Judith MacKenzie of Downing and technical analysis from Michael Taylor.  We also had an interesting introduction to investing in the US with Phil Hanson.

Plus of course another MelloBash featuring Peloton, Reach, Tristel and Tremor.

MelloMonday on 9th November

View the full line up from MelloMonday Programme

Download the MelloMonday Programme

MelloMonday on 19th October

This month saw discussions on Investment Clubs, Investing Rules and Specialist Insights plus company presentations from Bioventix, Surface Transforms and Mailbox REIT.

Plus of course another MelloBash featuring Novacyt, Omega and Connect

MelloMonday on 28th September

Over 300 Mello delegates attended our first Mello Monday on zoom.  We had an interesting mix of educational sessions and quality company presentations.

Mello London 2019, November 2019

Mello returned to London for our annual Mello Event. A survey showed huge demand for another London event, and numbers were up 7%, and 31% being new attendees, which is greatly welcomed, and demonstrates how respected our events are with the investment community.

Mello 2019, May 2019

Mello 2019 saw a high demand for tickets due to very buoyant market conditions. We combined our event with some fantastic companies and great Keynote talks. 

More Mello London videos can be found on our Videos page.

Mello Investment Trusts and Funds, 2019, London.

Our Investment Trusts and Funds show was designed around the strong demand and requests received for an event focused on the managed investments industry. A day packed with top investment trust managers, talks and keynote sessions.

Download the 2019 Investment Trusts and Funds Programme

Mello London, November 2018

Mello London was our biggest event yet. Over 600 investors attended during the two day conference. We had 60+ businesses visit and exhibit and or present. The feedback we received from this event was so compelling we decided to run our 2019 event at the same venue.

More Mello London videos can be found on our Videos page.

Mello 2018, Derby.

Mello 2018 was the return of our investor show, after a couple of years break. We hosted from the Derby Conference Centre, providing live entertainment the night before, an awards evening and live music on the evening of the first night. You can review the programme, and watch videos of recorded presentations.

Mello South, 2018, Hever.

Mello Hever was a one day summer event with a focus on fund management. We also had a selection of exhibitors in attendance. The day featured a ‘Dragons Den’ style panel and finished the day ended sociably with a barbeque, garden drinks and networking. This video features fund manager, Stephen English giving portfolio enhancing guidance. 

Mello 2014, Derby.

Mello 2014 was our first major UK conference.