Seizing the Educational Transformation Moment
In a post-pandemic world, education is at a pivotal juncture. Education stakeholders and ministries of education, worldwide, face a learning crisis but are more receptive than ever to innovative solutions that are proven and can scale nationally. Whizz Education, a beacon of educational innovation for nearly 20 years, with a proven track record and specialism in adaptive learning/AI technologies to enable maths and literacy learning gains, is poised to harness this momentous opportunity.

The pandemic has initially decimated Whizz Education’s ministry of education business in various developing countries as governments shut their schools and diverted funds to health and sanitisation. However they are now lining up to return but with greater need and willingness to scale, so the pending deal sizes are of an order of magnitude larger.

This is an EIS eligible opportunity, to get in at a reduced valuation underpinned by a steady recurring revenue business through individual schools in developed contexts, with the potential for 10x near term growth as developing country ministries of education restart.

The Vision: Tailoring Education for All
Whizz Education was founded on a simple belief that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning. Our mission is to enable communities around the world to fulfil their potential through individualised learning. In a time when educational disparities have become more pronounced, we can ensure that every learner at basic education level, regardless of their background or location, has access to tailored, high-quality education that prepares them for the digital age.
We have tutored over a million students world wide and are geared up for state wide and national scale roll outs in our vision to tutor over 100 millions students, many of whom are in developing contexts like Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and beyond.

The Power of AI: Personalization at Its Best
Central to our success is our individualised learning platform powered by adaptive learning / AI technologies. It dynamically adapts to each student’s progress, customizing content to address their unique strengths and weaknesses at each moment of their learning journey. This not only makes learning more effective but also ensures that no student is left behind. With technology at the forefront, Whizz Education is able to democratise private tuition.
Students who use the proprietary Maths-Whizz virtual tutoring platform for 60 minutes per week, improve their maths age by, on average, just over 18 months in their first year of access.

  1. Hindsford Primary in the UK : The first 15 seconds has a child explain better than anyone else on how the virtual tutoring works and makes a difference.
  2. Supporting underprivileged students in Ireland : 3 minute video which will speak to our work supporting different communities
  3. Maths learning in rural Kenya: 2 minute video on making a difference in two of the many communities in remote and impoverished communities in Kenya. Enjoy.

The Future
The area of adaptive learning technology is only now finding its moment and is going to grow enormously in the coming years. It is under-exploited amongst students in under-resourced communities, in the UK and beyond, where it could be of most benefit, game changing for their education and futures. Post pandemic, stakeholders are finally opening up to mainstreaming innovative approaches. Even the UK may be starting to wake up ūüėä.
Please join us in this journey towards transformative economic and social impact.

Richard Marett, co-founder & CEO, Whizz Education

In this position Richard has had direct experience working with individual schools, ministries of education, donor organisations and partners in six continents across the globe, to raise standards in learning.

Particular specialism in adaptive learning technology to impact teaching and learning in maths at primary and early secondary school level. Whizz has a proven track record of dramatically improving learning outcomes at scale through the democratisation of individual private tuition.

Whizz Education was founded in 2004 and has implemented at scale learning outcome initiatives in diverse contexts ranging from the UK, US, NZ, UAE and also in Russia, under-resourced communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, several states in Mexico and more . Its mission is to enable communities around the world to reach their full potential through individualised learning.

Previous history
Richard was Co-founder and Director at Temple Bar International in Singapore, a financial advisory firm, from 1996 to 2002. Here he began to specialise in Personal Financial Education, which later inspired him to establish an education company.  Prior to that Richard worked briefly in European Government Bonds at British investment bank, BZW, which is now Barclay’s Capital.  Richard graduated from Oxford University in 1994 with a BA and MA in mathematics.

Born to an English father and Israeli mother, Richard then grew up mostly in South East Asia, so an international outlook comes naturally. In his spare time, Richard enjoys travel, reading and is a scratch golfer having played for his county and university teams.

Richard Marett
CEO, Whizz Education
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