Upcoming Events

Events scheduled to happen are listed below.

11th July 2020

We are taking Mello Online for a one day Virtual Mello

Mello Virtual - Investing in the New World

Virtual Mello brings together investors, companies and some of our coveted speakers into an online Virtual Conference

19th May 2020

A one-day event placing an emphasis on the managed money industry: Talks and presentations by leading and well known investment trusts and fund vehicles.

Mello Trusts & Funds 2020

Mello Trusts and Funds is a one day event on Tuesday 19th May 2020, featuring the very best companies and speakers from the T&F industry.
Tickets and details will be announced and released soon.

20th & 21st May 2020

Our Annual Investor Event. This two day event is our signature conference of investing, networking, presentations and keynote talks.

12th to 13th November 2019

Our next event is confirmed for Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th November 2019.
Location: Chiswick, London.
Details will be provided in the coming days.

Mello London (2019)

Mello London tickets are available now, see the event page for information.

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