Give all shareholders a voice by bringing Company Law into the 21st Century

Don’t forget to sign this critical petition: Companies no longer know who their shareholders are and can’t communicate with them, because UK law is outdated. Let’s change it.

Increased use of ISAs, SIPPs, Pensions and share accounts via digital platforms is great, but it places an unacceptable communication block between listed companies and us, as owners / shareholders. Because most digital shareholders are collectively lumped together into amorphous and anonymous “Nominee” accounts. Companies are largely unaccountable to their invisible owners. The consequences of this are clear. Even if you wanted to vote against, or for, takeover proposals, strategy, exec remuneration, ESG etc.. it’s a struggle if not nigh on impossible for most, unless we fix the nominee issues.

To correct this serious and uniquely British flaw, M&S Chair Archie Norman, ShareSoc and UKSA jointly wrote to Business Secretary, The Rt Hon Kemi Badenoch MP, urging the Government to modernise the Companies Act to allow electronic (ie digital) communication with and between shareholders and web-based access to AGMs and General Meetings*.

Please support this initiative by signing the petition to UK Government, so that this gets fixed!


Amit Vedhara has been a Director of ShareSoc for 4 years. His background is in Marketing and Consultancy. With over 30 years experience as a Marketing Director and interim consultant. He has a  track record of driving profitability gains and unlocking growth in many sectors in listed and private equity/VC backed firms. Amit has been investing his entire adult life and takes a mix of contrarian and risk-weighted approaches to his stock picking in both quoted and unquoted companies.