Tuesday 14th November 2023, 1 pm – 3.30 pm

1.00 pm Reg Hoare presents updates from the Investment Trust world
1.30 pm Company presentation from Rockwood Strategic plc
2.00 pm Andrew Latto presents Three investment trusts – Global, US & Europe
2.20 pm Company presentation from JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets (JARA)
2.50 pm Specialist Panel session with Emma Bird, Reg Hoare and Andrew Latto

Reg Hoare presents an updates from the Investment Trust world 

Reg has extensive experience investing in Investment Trusts and Funds.  He has gained over 30 years City experience, initially gained with 11 years in investment banking and securities, principally at SG Warburg and Nomura. He switched to financial PR in 1995, and specialises in advising mid market companies, from FTSE 250 to AIM 100 across a number of sectors, and has a long track record of advising in complex situations including IPOs, fund raisings, M&A, crises and restructurings. He also served for 8 years as a Board member of the Investor Relations Society, Europe’s leading body for investor relations practitioners.

Company presentation by Richard Staveley, Fund Manager at Rockwood Strategic Plc

Richard Staveley is both a qualified accountant (PWC) and Chartered Financial Analyst and has over 22 years of active lead fund manager responsibility in UK small cap equities. He was a co-Founder of River & Mercantile Plc and Head of Small Companies at both Société Générale Asset Management and Majedie Asset Management. Richard was appointed to lead the strategy, Rockwood Strategic Plc, in September 2019, won the PLC Awards Fund Manager of the Year in 2022 and was made a Partner of Harwood Capital LLP in June 2023. He sits on the Boards of Centaur Media Plc and Pressure Technologies Plc.

Rockwood Strategic Plc is an Investment Trust with a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange. It invests in a focused portfolio of smaller UK public companies under £250 million market capitalisation, with many under £150m. The differentiated strategy identifies undervalued shares where the potential exists to improve returns and where the company is benefitting, or will benefit from, operational, strategic or management changes. These unlock, create or realise shareheolder value for investors. The investment team is supported by an Advisory Group with over 200 years combined investing experience and the insight and expertise at Harwood Capital with their active Private Equity, Debt and Property teams. The Fund has the best Net Asset Value returns in the Association of Investment Companies small companies sector over the last 1, 3 and 5 years to September 2023. The investment team ‘constructively engage’ with stakeholders, often secure Board seats and have the majority of the capital in the top ten holdings. The style of investing has a strong value and recovery bias with a focus on potential free cash flow generation and targets investments that have the potential to deliver 15% IRRs over the investment time horizon of 3 to 5 years.

Company presentation by Philip Waller,  Portfolio Manager at JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets (JARA)

Philip Waller, CFA, Vice President, is a Portfolio Manager within our Alternatives Solutions Group responsible for the management and sales efforts of European based multi-alternatives products and mandates. These portfolios are implemented for both institutional and retail clients and are often bespoke to the client or client type with the asset allocation being driven by the insights provided by the wider AISS team. Philip serves on the firm’s Alternatives Solutions Investment Committee. Philip joined J.P. Morgan over nine years ago where he started in J.P. Morgan’s UK distribution business where he focused on the development of the Investment Trust range. Philip is a CFA charter holder and obtained a B.Sc. from Loughborough University in Banking, Finance and Management.


The JPMorgan Core Real Assets Limited (JARA) investment trust is an interesting and attractive vehicle for investors looking to build an allocation in the alternatives market: Real assets underpin everyday society, from local utilities to global transport networks, and from office space to apartment blocks. The Trust gives shareholders access to a wide set of investments, with a global reach, not typically available in the UK investment trust market, and the aim of providing relative stability and wider diversification. 

What the Trust has to offer

A global offering: JARA’s investments are global in nature, offering a breadth of investment reach and with the benefit of balancing a variety of geographical trends. Assets within the portfolio cover over 35 countries.

Strong returns: Alternative asset performances are not typically linked with that of the equity and bond market or as negatively affected by inflation – making it an attractive complement to any investor’s portfolio. Revenue is also predominantly driven from consistent income streams within the portfolio*. 

Backed with experience: While JARA may only be a few years old, it benefits from not only access to one of the world’s largest alternatives platforms, but over 30years experience of the Alternatives Solutions Group, and 300+ investment professionals specialising in alternative investments. 

Andrew Latto presents ‘Recent Fund Hunting: Three investment trusts – Global, US & Europe’

Founder and Editor – Andrew Latto, CFA founded this website with the objective of providing unbiased fund analysis and views. Andrew previously worked at an equity research house and a fund manager and follows the quality investing approach.  He aims to use this background in equity research to “look under the hood” and consider the stocks that funds hold. Andrew has eight years experience at an equity research company, four years at a boutique fund manager. Qualifications held: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Investment Management Certificate (IMC), Masters (MSc) Accounting & Finance, Masters (MSc) Economic History, LSE, Degree (BSc) Business Economics.

Founder message: “Stock investing is hard.  Investment funds – active or passive – are the most appropriate vehicle for the vast majority of investors.  However, fund research is often biased and of mixed quality (link).  Fundhunter’s objective is to cover funds in an easy to understand manner.”

Investment Trusts and Funds Panel, including Reg Hoare, Emma Bird and Andrew Latto 

Reg Hoare – Private Investor specialising in Investment Trusts and Funds


Andrew Latto – Investment Trusts and Funds specialist and founder of Fund Hunter

Emma Bird, Head of Investment Trust Research, Winterflood Securities