Tax Efficient Investing Webinar

Thursday 14th March, 1pm - 3pm


1.00pm Keith Hiscock of Hardman and Co introduces EIS investing
1.20pm Company presentation from Learning with Experts
2.00pm Company presentation from Clipper Automotive
2.40pm EIS review session

Investing in the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) offers a compelling opportunity for investors seeking tax-efficient ways to support early-stage businesses. With EIS, investors can benefit from significant tax incentives, including income tax relief, capital gains tax deferral, and exemption from inheritance tax. This scheme aims to stimulate economic growth by providing vital funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with high growth potential. 

It is crucial for investors to carefully evaluate the risks associated with investing in early-stage companies, as they often face greater volatility and uncertainty. A well-diversified portfolio and thorough due diligence are essential for maximizing the potential rewards while mitigating risks in EIS investing.  

This show will examine the Scheme, the advantages and savings it can bring as well as highlight two interesting EIS opportunities.

Keith Hiscock of Hadman & Co introduces EIS investing

Keith Hiscock is the Chief Executive of Hardman & Co. Keith has more than 35 years’ stockbroking experience and has developed long-standing relationships with many major institutional investors, including Private Client Brokers and Wealth Managers. He started his career at James Capel, at the time the top-ranked research house in London. He was a founding member of Schroder Securities and of Agency Partners, a leading research boutique house, and was a member of the five-man securities board at Evolution. Keith has also advised companies, large and small, on their relationships with the capital markets. Keith was part of the group of investors that acquired Hardman & Co in late 2012. He holds an MA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from the University of Oxford.

Company presentation by Learning with Experts, an EIS investment 

Learning you Love from Experts You Trust

Mission Statement: To deliver the best online learning experience to students of vocational subjects taught by world renowned experts through an immersive and interactive platform that delivers community learning amongst students and between tutors and students

Market Need: The rate of course completion globally for online learning averages 20% compared to course completion rates at Learning with Experts of 80%. LWE’s distinction in the market driving such high engagement rates is its interactive learning philosophy and the unique design of its platform to enable interactive learning.  We strongly believe that Learning with Experts will have an impact globally, reaching millions worldwide and positively changing lives and behaviours through education. The Edtech market was $174bn in 2021.

Highly Differentiated Product: We’re the first online learning provider to combine a global, interactive classroom, with broadcast quality videos, accredited curriculums, and true expert teachers – wherever you are. Our platform is able to be completely white labelled, so we are B to C, B to B and B to B to C. We’re already experiencing great traction(78 different countries, 10k+ lessons taught, excellent rating on Trustpilot) and have found product market fit in specific high growth sectors including: Health and Wellbeing: Key customers: NHS trusts, – pls click links to see our videos (B to B to C) Hugh Fearnley Whittingtall (B to C), and Boots No7 Beauty influencers and staff. (B to B), Horticulture and Design: Royal Horticultural Society and Designers Guild, Food and Nutrition Michel Roux Junior and Raymond Blanc (B to C) and finally are working with University of Buckingham at Masters level – B to B, (the largest teacher training university in the UK) who are considered pioneers in innovation in education. We have over 100 well known experts (individuals and brands) in our educator community. 

Elspeth Briscoe is the CEO and Founder of Learning with Experts. Elspeth wrote a dissertation about the future of the internet in the early 90s, and subsequently went on to hold senior positions in strategy at eBay and Skype, having joined at start-up stage. Elspeth was also in the digital team that transitioned The Guardian Newspaper from print to digital.

David Armfield is an Investor Director of Learning with Experts. He is a founding partner of Kinetix Corporate Finance and previously a Partner at PwC and M&A banker at Lehman Brothers from 1987 until 2000.

Company presentation by Clipper Automative, an EIS investment 

Clipper Automotive electrify existing fleet vehicles. We are on a mission to decarbonise transport and drive towards a greener future. We believe the fastest, cheapest, most impactful way to decarbonise transport is to electrify existing fleet vehicles.
In the UK alone, there are 6 million polluting commercial vehicles that need to decarbonize within the next decade. Replacing them with new EVs would unleash a staggering 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions and cost £300 billion. We offer a smarter solution: upcycling existing vehicles to go all-electric and emission-free.

Our approach is not just environmentally sound; it’s also economically savvy. The benefits for Fleet Operators speak for themselves: 80% lower carbon emissions
compared to the production of a new EV and at half the cost. With a conversion in under a week, it’s a true no-brainer. And the best part? We can perform this conversion for almost any vehicle. Clipper Automotive’s focus is on commercial fleet applications, where the impact is greatest, and the profits are substantial. Our story began with up-cycling London Black Cabs, converted from diesel to all-electric and now licensed in cities across the UK. We’ve harnessed cutting-edge integration technology to transform vehicles at scale; and are expanding the team, bringing in the skills and expertise we need to grow fast and make the most of this opportunity.

This is an emerging multi-billion-pound market. We are unlocking this and projecting £273 million in annual revenue, with £81 million in annual EBITDA within just 5 years, creating significant value for our shareholders. Now, we’re inviting you to join our journey. Our EIS Seed round is open, we’re seeking partners and investors who share our vision of making a substantial difference in the race to Net Zero while generating impressive returns. 

Alex is a manufacturing systems engineer and management consultant with more than twenty years professional experience in change management and business process optimisation.

Alex lives in Southwark, London, and is committed to living sustainably. He has school-age kids and is actively working with the local community promoting sustainability issues and tackling air pollution.

He holds a PhD in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, BSc in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Ergonomics. He worked as an industrial engineering consultant for Tefen in electronic, automotive and bio-pharma supply chain, as well as senior positions at BT.

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