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The Mello Team is pleased to announce the return of MelloMonday, the dinner where our network first originated at the Mello restaurant in Beckenham.  With current restrictions on social distancing, we will be holding this virtually, via Zoom.

Check out the upcoming events page for more information including dates and how to purchase your ticket.


You can now buy your ticket for Mello 2020 and Mello Investment Trusts & Funds 2020. Head over to the event pages under 'Upcoming Events'

Check Twitter @MelloEventsUK for promotion codes and deals on offer too.

Mello 2020 is able to annnounce the first few companies confirmed so far
a) ZOO Digital Group
b) Bioventix
c) SRT Marine Systems
d) Ideagen
Many more are underway. If you have a company you would like present, please get in touch on the Contact Page
The Mello Lair is Back! Three businesses will pitching in front of our Mello Lions on Tuesday at 5pm, more details to follow.
Stockopedia will be be joining us to run their November StockSlam! Event. They are looking for willing Mello attendees willing to give a five minute pitch on a stock of their choosing. Please get in touch via the website or directly with Stockopedia if you would like to take part.
Mello Attendees will be able to dine on £5 pizzas from the Chiswick Franco Manca! Just show your badge and quote 'Brixton 2008' when seating.
Courtesy of The Fulham Shore, who are exhibiting.