The Mello London 2019 Event Programme is available to our delegates, from the main Event Page.
Please note all attendees will receive a hard copy on the day, so no need to print this.
Our finalised Event Schedule is now available for download from the main Event Page. Have a look and begin to plan your days at Mello London.
Mello London Panel Sessions are confirmed:
a) Investment strategies and the research tools you need
b) The Future of Lending: who need banks?
c) How to encourage young people to invest
d) Are takeovers becoming the norm? A look at rise of M&A activity
e) How to start an Investment Share Club
f) Where is the growth in UK small caps
g) Is it time to embrace Alternative Asset Investments
h) How to spot winning stocks and avoid the losers
The Mello Lair is Back! Three businesses will pitching in front of our Mello Lions on Tuesday at 5pm, more details to follow.
Stockopedia will be be joining us to run their November StockSlam! Event. They are looking for willing Mello attendees willing to give a five minute pitch on a stock of their choosing. Please get in touch via the website or directly with Stockopedia if you would like to take part.
Mello Attendees will be able to dine on £5 pizzas from the Chiswick Franco Manca! Just show your badge and quote 'Brixton 2008' when seating.
Courtesy of The Fulham Shore, who are exhibiting.
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