MelloMonday Recordings

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5.05 pm Company presentation by Appreciate Group
5.45 pm Company presentation by Smiths News
6.15 pm David interviews Sir Martin Sorrell
6.50 pm Company presentation by Jupiter Green Investment Trust Plc
7.30 pm David interviews Elizabeth Pearson on The Investment Journey
7.40 pm Company presentation by Wentworth Resources plc
8.10 pm Mark Simpson presents ‘When is a pension not a benefit?’
8.20 pm Company presentation by Midatech
9.00 pm Fund Manager Christmas Panel with Stephen English, Chris Boxall, Paul Jourdan and Rosemary Banyard

5.35 pm Company presentation by TPX, formally Panoply
6.05 pm Company presentation by ThruVision
6.35 pm Company presentation by Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc
7.00 pm Company presentation by LoopUp
7.30 pm Trading update by Belvoir with Q&A
7.45 pm Company presentation by HeiQ

5.30 pm Welcome and David Stredder interviews Rosemary Banyard, Fund Manager of VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund
6.10 pm Company presentation by Headlam
6.50 pm Alan Charlton presents the latest from ScS
7.05 pm Company presentation by K3 Capital
7.45 pm Steve Clapham is Behind the Balance Sheet looking at the HUT Group
8.00 pm Company presentation by Kanabo
8.30 pm Mello BASH with Kevin Taylor, Damian Cannon and Chris Boxall covering James Latham, You GOV and Telecom Plus

5.35 pm Company presentation by Cerillion
6.05 pm Company presentation by Insig AI
6.45 pm Placings – Are you getting your fair share? Presented by Cliff Weight and Karin Schulte from ShareSoc
7.00 pm Company presentation by Poolbeg Pharma
7.30 pm Educational insights
7.45 pm Company presentation by ENGAGE XR Holdings
8.15 pm Mello BASH featuring Kevin Taylor and Mark Simpson covering Capital Drilling (CAPD), CMC Marketings (CMCX) & Hostmore (MORE) 

6.05 pm Company presentation by Sosandar
6.45 pm Book reviews with Paul Smiddy and Roger Lawson
6.55 pm Company presentation by SulNOx Group
7.25 pm David Stredder interviews Chris Boxall from Investors Champion and Fundamental Asset Management
7.55 pm Company presentation by The Property Franchise Group
8.25 pm David interviews best selling author Hilary Robinson
8.40 pm Mello BASH with Chris Boxall, Kevin Taylor, Andrew Robinson covering Smiths News, Gamma Communication, Hargreaves Services

1.00 pm Company presentation by Avation plc
1.35 pm Results Review Part 1 with Mark Simpson
1.50 pm Company presentation by On The Market plc
2.20 pm Spreadbetting Q&A with Spreadex
3.00 pm Company presentation by NetScientific plc
3.40 pm Book Reviews with Roger Lawson from ShareSoc and Andrew Latto of FundHunter
4.00 pm Company presentation by Crimson Tide
4.30 pm David interviews Steve Clapham
4.45 pm Results Review Part 2 with Richard Crow
5.00 pm Company presentation by Trinity Exploration & Production

6.05 pm Company presentation by Inspiration Healthcare
6.35 pm David Stredder interviews the inspirational Founder and CEO David Cicurel from Judges Scientific
7.10 pm Company presentation by Frenkel Topping
7.50 pm Michael Taylor reviews the book Billion Dollar Loser – WeWork
8.00 pm Company presentation by eEnergy
8.30 pm Mello BASH: Damian Cannon, Kevin Taylor and Mark Simpson

4.30 pm David Stredder interviews Andrew Hollingworth
5.00 pm Company presentation by Fintel
5.30 pm Company presentation by Aquis Exchange
5.50 pm Alan Charlton, David Stredder and Andrew Robinson discuss the latest results and first broker note from Tandem
6.10 pm Company presentation by Belvoir Group PLC
6.40 pm Results Round-Up with Alan Charlton (Tremor, Spectra and RBGP) and Kevin Taylor (Thinksmart and Judges Scientific)

6.05 pm Stockopedia’s IPO Survival Guide
6.30 pm Company presentation by Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust Plc
7.10 pm Andrew Hollingworth, Fund Manager
7.20 pm Company presentation by Galliford Try
7.50 pm Will Woodward Book review
8.00 pm David Stredder interviews Dorian Gonsalves CEO at Belvoir Group PLC
8.15 pm BASH Panel with Kevin Taylor, Jack Brumby and Leo Hendry

6.10 pm David Stredder interviews renowned private investor John Lee
6.40 pm Company Presentation National Milk Records
7.10 pm Graham Neary presents his new Monopoly Investor venture
7.30 pm Company Presentation Marshall Motors
8.10 pm Book reviews by Rebecca Stewart and Paul de Gruchy
8.25 pm Company Presentation Savannah Resources
8.55 pm Mello BASH 

5.35pm Company presentation by CentralNic plc
6.15pm Interview with Philip Rodrigs, Raynar Portfoilio Management
6.55pm Company presentation by Tharisa plc
7.25pm Alan Charlton interviews Jim Shears, CEO of Tandem plc
8.00pm Company presentation by Immotion plc
8.40pm The Mello BASH – Kevin Taylor and Paul Scott plus Paul reviews company results and updates over the past three weeks

5.35 pm Ed Croft’s half year review of the Stockopedia Stock Picking Challenge 2021
6.00 pm Minerva Analytics – Active investor, Active Owner
6.15 pm Company presentation by CPP Group (CPP)
6.45 pm Investor Book review by Stephen English
7.00 pm Company presentation by Galliford Try (GFRD)
7.30 pm VectorVest – Safe and consistent portfolio growth
7.45 pm Company presentation by Artisanal Spirits Company (ART)
8.25 pm David Stredder interviews Clem Chambers of ADVFN
8.45 pm The Mello BASH with Kevin Taylor, Stephen English and Jack Brumby covering Jarvis Securities (JIM) and RGBP

6.05 pm Interview with Keith Ashworth-Lord – Buffetology Fund
6.45 pm Company presentation from Pebble Beach
7.15 pm Charity Pledge 
7.20 pm Company presentation from Mailbox
7.40 pm Melwin Mehta and LeoInvestorUK – Soap Box Are cheap bids stealing good British companies….and are Boards protecting shareholders?
8.00 pm Company presentation from Accesso
8.30 pm Mello BASH – Jack Brumby and Gareth Evans

6.05 pm Company presentation with Ken Wotton of Gresham House and Manager of Strategic Equity Capital plc (SEC)
6.45 pm Alan Charlton interviews Nabil Lawandy, CEO of Spectra Systems (SPSY)
7.20 pm Company presentation…. Time Finance (TIME)
7.50 pm A mid year interview with Stephen English
8.30 pm ‘Deal or No Deal’ at Bacanora Minerals (BCN)
8.40 pm The MelloBASH featuring Paul Scott (BOO) and Richard Crow (GATC)

6.05pm Charity Pledge – Ed Croft presents…Atalaya Mining
6.15pm Trainline….Has it reached the end of the track? Ed joined by Roland Head
6.30 pm Company presentation by Samarkand – Introduced by Alasdair Haynes of Aquis
7.15pm Edmund Shing introduces tomorrow evening’s Healthcare show
7.30pm Charity Pledge – Rebecca @reb40 presents…DX Group
7.40 pm What is SIGnet – Ray Williams explains all
7.50pm Company presentation by The Property Franchise Group
8.30pm The Mello BASH 

5.35 pm Company presentation by International Biotechnology Trust
6.10 pm Company presentation by Inspiration Healthcare
6.40 pm Charity Pledge by Tim Grattan – New IPO Arecor
6.50 pm Company presentation by Diaceutics
7.20 pm A guide to broker research with Rob Mundy of Research Tree
7.30 pm Company presentation by ANGLE plc
8.00 pm Charity Pledge by Melwin Mehta – Shield Therapeutics (STX)
8.10 pm Company presentation by  Polarean Imaging
8.40 pm Company presentation by NetScientific plc
9.10 pm  Healthcare Sector Review from Edmund Shing & Charity Pledge  – Circassia (CIR)

11.00am Mello Welcome & Company presentation by Avation
11.30am Company Presentation by RBG Holdings
12.10pm  Company presentation by Gaming Realms
12.50pm Charity pledge with Mark Bentley @marben100
1.00pm Company presentation by Belvoir Group
2.00pm Company presentation by Trident Royalties
2.50pm Results round up (Part 2) with Paul Scott

5.40pm Company presentation by Smiths News
6.10pm Leon interviews Kieran Maguire – The Price of Football
6.40pm Company presentation by VR Education
7.20pm Company presentation by Smartspace Software
7.50pm Mark Simpson…When to Sell?
8.10pm Company presentation by The Panoply
8.50pm Mello BASH & charity pledges – with Damian Cannon, David Stredder & Paul Scott

5.10 pm Learn from your investing mistakes from the Twitterati panel
5.40 pm VectorVest – low risk investing for growth and income, click here for full presentation and Q&A
6.00 pm David Stredder interviews Vin Murria 
6.45 pm Company presentation by Aquis Exchange plc
7.15 pm Charity Pledge panel 

6.10 pm Ed Croft – First quarter analysis of the Stockopedia competition
6.40 pm Company presentation by Belvoir
6.50 pm Charity pledge – Cockney Rebel @RebelHQ
7.00 pm Company presentation by Trident Royalties
7.20 pm Steve Clapham – Specialist Insights and Investor Red Flags by Behind the Balance Sheet
7.40 pm Company presentation by React
8.00 pm Mello Soap Box with Cockney Rebel – Are you getting the correct share prices?
8.10 pm Company presentation by Wentworth Resources
8.40 pm Results Round Up with Kevin Taylor, Gordon Jones (glasshalfull) & Alan Charlton

6.10 pm Charles Montanaro presents on The Montanaro UK Smaller Companies IT (MUSCIT)
6.40 pm Company presentation by SCS Group
7.20 pm David Stredder interviews Amati Fund Managers Anna Macdonald and Paul Jourdan
7.50 pm Company presentation by Fintel plc plus view their one hour breakout
8.10 pm The power of negative thinking: Interpreting RNS’s and company news with Alun @MrContrarian
8.30 pm MelloBASH – Melwin Mehta, Mark Simpson, Richard Crow @cockneyrebel, companies covered to be confirmed

5.05 pm Alun @MrContrarian reviews the Mello BASH companies
5.10 pm Company presentation by Judges Scientific
5.40 pm How to join corporate fundraisings with James Deal Primary Bid  
6.00 pm Company presentation by Filta Group
6.30 pm Leon Boros interviews Peter Harrison from Bioventix
7.00 pm Company presentation by Digital Box
7.30 pm A March results round up with Paul Scott, Gordon @glasshalfull & Alan Charlton, companies covered: Cerillion (CER), BOKU, Aeorema (AEO) Headlam (HEAD), MJ Hudson (MJH), Spectra (SPSY), Tandem (TND), Cambridge Cognition (COG), SCS
8.00 pm Company presentation by Get Busy
8.30 pm Mello BASH with Alan Charlton, Alex Schlich, Richard Crow and Kevin Taylor covering Superdry (SDRY), Joules (JOUL) and SMS

  • 6.05pm What Went Wrong With Woodford, a presentation by Ed Croft founder of Stockopedia
    6.30pm David Ricketts, author of When the Fund Stops – the story behind the downfall
    6.50pm Three case studies….Woodford investors tell their personal stories
    7.15pm Cliff Weight will explain why ShareSoc have endorsed the Leigh Day claim
    7.20pm Leigh Day will present their claim for redress Boz Michalowska & Derrick Dale QC
    7.55pm Could it happen again and what can be done to prevent it ? Mello presenter Karin Schulte interviews Cliff Weight
    8.05pm ShareSoc chairman Mark Northway hosts the Closing panel session with Q&A (Cliff Weight, Boz Michalowska & Derrick Dale, David Ricketts)

18.05 John Meyer investigates: Are we in a new commodity supercycle, or is one coming?
18:30 Company presentation – Caledonia Mining Corporation with Q&A
19:00 Company Presentation – Taseko Mining with Q&A
19:30 Introducing the new Amati Natural Resources team
19:50 Company Presentation – Condor Gold, with Q&A
20:20 Edmund Shing talks about how an ESG strategy & commodities can dovetail together
20:30 Company presentation – AfriTin Mining Limited with Q&A
21:00 Gold & Mining panel session – A round table discussion with audience Q&A (John Meyer, Edmund Shing, Mark Bentley and Amati)

6.05 pm Interview with Fund Manager Stephen English
6.35 pm Barry Gamble is on the Mello Soap Box
6.45 pm Hummingbird Resources Company presentation
7.15 pm Primary Bid Intro James Deal
7.25 pm Open Orphan plc Company presentation
7.55 pm Are you engaging enough on Twitter? Hear from our Twitterati panel @reb40, @grahamneary, @shiftingshares, @1James1n1
8.15 pm Image Scan Company presentation
8.45 pm Mello BASH including the Fund Manager Stephen English, Jack Brumby from Stockopedia, Bruce Packard and Kevin Taylor. Companies featured include Tandem, Intercede and Sylvania Platinum

6.10pm Company presentation by Franchise Brands plc
6.40pm Cockney Rebel @RebelHQ interview
7.10pm Company presentation by Duke Royalty
7.40pm Steve Clapham – Specialist Insights and Investor Red Flags by Behind the Balance Sheet
7.55 pm Company presentation by RBG Holdings plc
8.25 pm IG feedback on leverage
8.40pm Mello BASH – featuring Leon Boros, Alan Charlton and Paul Scott looking at Best of the Best (BOTB), Smiths News (SNWS), PCI-Pal (PCIP) and Boohoo (BOO)

6.15 pm Company presentation from HeiQ introduced by Leon Boros
7 pm An interview with Lord John Lee on Takeovers & getting the best return
7.25 pm Presentation by Tatton Asset Management plc
7.55 pm Steve Clapham Behind the Balance Sheet
8.10 pm Gamechanger – Kromek
8.30 pm Mello BASH  Ultimate Products UPGS, Kape Technologies KAPE, Open Orphan ORPH and Twitter TWTR 

6.10pm Aquis Exchange PLC – AQSE: new opportunities
6.30pm Interview with  David Hornsby 
7.00pm Company presentation by Adept Technology Group
7.30pm Trading update and meet the new CEO of SCS, Steve Carson
7.55pm Gamechanger – React Group plc (click for video recording)
8.15pm VectorVest – Low risk investing for consistent growth and income
8.45pm Mello BASH, Bank of Georgia (BGEO), Xpediator (XPD), RBGP Holdings (RBGP)

6.05pm Upcoming ShareSoc events in 2021 and recent developments in the Woodford campaign
6.15pm Ed Croft – Top share picks in 2020
6.40pm Michael Taylor – Charting
7pm Company presentation – Gaming Realms
7.30pm Mark Simpson – Mistakes of 2020
7.50pm An interview with Guy Thomas the author of “Free Capital”
8.20pm Does the Santa Rally exist? with Simon Flather
8.30pm End of Year Review Panel plus top picks and themes for 2021 (Our panelists are Leon, Gervais, Paul and John)

6.15pm Mark Simpson’s Investing Rules
6.25pm Interview with Fund Manager Andy Brough
7.10pm Psst…(Portfolio, savings, stocks and tax) 
7.45pm Stockopedia’s Top Picks for 2021
8.10pm Steve Clapham is Behind the Balance Sheet
8.30pm MelloBASH – Companies which may be covered include Manolete, Twitter, Foxtons, RA International

6.00pm Interview with the highly respected Fund Manager Rosemary Banyard
6.30pm Company presentation from Aquis Exchange PLC
7.10pm Quickfire Questions with Andrew Robinson (Castlefordtiger) and Edwyn Newman (KingMcKong)
7.30pm Company presentation – Ten Lifestyle Group
8.00pm Gamechanger company presentation – Parity
8.20pm Behind the Balance Sheet with Steve Clapham
8.35pm Mello BASH panel

6.10pm Interview with leading Fund Manager Keith Ashworth-Lord, Founder and CIO of The Buffettology Fund
6.55pm Company presentation by SUMO Group plc
7.25pm Quickfire Questions – QQ with WheelieDealer
7.45pm Professional Investor Introduction….. The Double-Up! with GlassHalfull and Alan Charlton
8.15pm Company presentation – Gamechanger Accrol Group plus breakout session
8.35pm Mello BASH panel

6.05pm Interview with Judith MacKenzie ‘The highs and lows of being a smaller company fund manager’
6.35pm Paul de Gruchy, ShareSoc Director 
6.45pm An introduction to investing in the US with Philip Hanson
7.00pm IPO presentation – Intuitive Investments Group plc
7.30pm Specialist insights Michael Taylor – Using technical analysis to find trades
7.45pm Company update Newmark Security Plc
8.15pm Mello BASH Our investor/analyst panel give their verdicts on the investing prospects of Peloton, Reach, Tremor, Tristel

6.00pm Illuminating Gold…The perfect storm approaches, Paul Mylchreest, Gold analyst
6.20pm Company presentation Golden Prospect Fund, with Q&A
6.50pm Why gold, and how? BullionVault
7.05pm Company presentation Serabi Gold, with Q&A
7.35pm Gold Investing: Cheaper, Safer & Easier
7.50pm Company presentation Adriatic Metals, with Q&A
8.20pm Investing in Gold Martin Guilbert, Investment Manager at WHIreland
8.30pm Company presentation Wheaton Precious Metals, with Q&A
9.00pm Gold panel session – An investing in Gold roundtable discussion, with Q&A

6.00pm Introduction 

6.10pm Tellworth Investments Best of British Investment Trust IPO

6.50pm What’s new? Investor tools, strategies, and ideas

7.00pm Analyst insider – September company results observations from @StockwatchUK

7.10pm Simply Biz presentation with Q&A

7.40pm Quickfire Questions with selected Mello members

7.50pm Specialist insights – Steve Clapham – Accounting red flags and investment top tips

8.00pm MelloBASH Our investor/analyst panel give their verdicts on the investing prospects of four companies selected by our audience.

6.00pm Stockopedia’s Investment Share Club
6.20pm ShareSoc update on private investor campaigns including CGT – Making CGT simpler and fairer, and Stamp Duty – Reducing and equalising stamp duty
6.30pm Bioventix plc 
7.00pm What’s new? Investor tools, strategies, and ideas – Danger Simpson
7.10pm Gamechanger company presentation – Surface Transforms
7.30pm Quickfire Questions Mark Tughan and Pamela Stebbings
7.50pm Mailbox REIT Plc – IPO 
8.15pm Specialist insights – Steve Clapham – Accounting red flags and investment top tips
8.30pm Mello BASH with Leon Boros, Ed Croft, Kevin Taylor and Melwin Mehta