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Mission Statement: To deliver the best online learning experience to students of vocational subjects taught by world renowned experts through an immersive and interactive platform that delivers community learning amongst students and between tutors and students

Market Need: The rate of course completion globally for online learning averages 20% compared to course completion rates at Learning with Experts of 80%. LWE’s distinction in the market driving such high engagement rates is its interactive learning philosophy and the unique design of its platform to enable interactive learning.  We strongly believe that Learning with Experts will have an impact globally, reaching millions worldwide and positively changing lives and behaviours through education. The Edtech market was $174bn in 2021.

Highly Differentiated Product: We’re the first online learning provider to combine a global, interactive classroom, with broadcast quality videos, accredited curriculums, and true expert teachers – wherever you are. Our platform is able to be completely white labelled, so we are B to C, B to B and B to B to C. We’re already experiencing great traction(78 different countries, 10k+ lessons taught, excellent rating on Trustpilot) and have found product market fit in specific high growth sectors including: Health and Wellbeing: Key customers: NHS trusts, – pls click links to see our videos (B to B to C) Hugh Fearnley Whittingtall (B to C), and Boots No7 Beauty influencers and staff. (B to B), Horticulture and Design: Royal Horticultural Society and Designers Guild, Food and Nutrition Michel Roux Junior and Raymond Blanc (B to C) and finally are working with University of Buckingham at Masters level – B to B, (the largest teacher training university in the UK) who are considered pioneers in innovation in education. We have over 100 well known experts (individuals and brands) in our educator community. 

Competition, Defensibility & IP

Learning with Experts has recently attracted Investor/Board member Justin Cooke, formerly board member of one of our largest competitors, Future Learn (the digital learning company from The Open University) and Vice Chair of Unicef.  The Learning with Experts Product is attracting attention due to its differentiation around student interaction, high engagement levels, and the community of businesses and high profile individuals who have all joined the Learning with Experts mission. Coursera, Edex, Masterclass, and BBC Maestro do not white label their platforms, nor have the interactive learning experience presented by LWE.  We own the IP for the consumer content catalogue of courses and for the home grown platform.

Learning with Experts has been selected by Bridget Gildea, Member of the Board of Advisors Cambridge University Behavioural Insights Team, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose and Director of Programme Development Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education.  Bridget selected LWE out of 70 edtech companies as the only one with a unique proposition to change societal behaviours at scale and is now working with the company


Elspeth Briscoe, ex eBay and Skype, took a career break for family reasons and at the same time undertook a landscape design masters course. Her previous experience as head of strategy and online communities at eBay and Skype led her to found her own community focused online gardening school, later becoming the foundation of Learning with Experts.  This has given LWE its unique DNA in social learning, and pedagogies formed out of human networks.  From a B2C focus on gardening LWE has developed out to Food & Drink, Photography, Flower Arranging, Jewellery and Antiques. From the start it has also aligned itself with key industry bodies including the Royal Horticultural Society, The Goldsmiths and River Cottage through which it has now developed a substantial B2B2C business.

Where our business is now

LWE now has over 100 B2C courses across a range of largely vocational subjects taught by world renowned subject matter experts. However, its B2B2C side of the business has also grown very substantially (and is the core focus) working with a number of highly prestigious partners delivering online learning and training either through the LWE consumer platform or a fully white-labelled version of the platform

Its B2B partners include the NHS, the Royal Horticultural Society, River Cottage, Boots No 7, The Times, and Oxford Innovation. LWE’s ex Channel 4 videographer production lead, produces all content and all content is consumed by students through one single technology platform whether white labelled or sold through the LWE website.  LWE currently generates a monthly revenue run rate approaching £100,000 split evenly between its B2C and B2B2C courses.

Proposed Exit

LWE expects to reach its cash-flow breakeven point within the next 12 months and with this funding round. Thereafter it may consider a Series A funding round from a position of cashflow strength and on the basis that it can command a significant increase in value. LWE will subsequently consider an IPO as a liquidity event recognising the strong market that currently exists for edtech IPOs. LWE will also represent a clear acquisition target for the many well- capitailsed edtech platforms including Masterclass, Future Learn and Coursera that do not offer an interactive learning platform for their learning subjects.  It’s also attractive to print and broadcast publishers looking for new revenue streams such as Pearson, or Netflix or Channel4.

What are we looking for

We are looking to raise a £2m funding round to invest in the B to B team and tech team.  It’s particularly important to me as a woman founder/CEO who has already attracted investment, that I also attract investment from a fund/angels who champion diversity.   We’re now only selecting investors who are not only interested in 10x+, but also in societal impact/education with a focus on diverse founders. 


The investors in this round have included some key new angels including Guy Baring, the backer of River Cottage and Keith Weed, former CMO of Unilever. Our non-exec board and investors/advisors now also includes Professor Sir Muir Gray (former Chief Knowledge Officer NHS) and Alison Forrestal (Amazon, Diageo), Justin Cooke (previously Vice Chair Unicef, board Future Learn), Rupert Pennant Rae – former Deputy Governor of The Bank of England/Editor The Economist, and David Armfield (former PwC and Lehman Brothers). 

Press (our latest press)

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Elspeth Briscoe is the CEO and Founder of Learning with Experts. Elspeth wrote a dissertation about the future of the internet in the early 90s, and subsequently went on to hold senior positions in strategy at eBay and Skype, having joined at start-up stage. Elspeth was also in the digital team that transitioned The Guardian Newspaper from print to digital.

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