Wednesday 25th May – Thursday 26th May 2022, 9am – 6pm

Thursday, Exhibit & Present

1Spatial is a global leader in Location Master Data Management (LMDM). We enable our customers to make critical decisions from location data for a safer, smarter and more sustainable world.

Location Master Data Management is uniquely positioned at the intersection of two growing global markets: the geospatial (or Geographic Information Systems) market – and the mainstream master data management market (a technology discipline that ensures the uniformity, accuracy and accountability of shared data assets).

The GIS market is currently valued annually at US$10 Billion and is due to grow by 52% by 2027, while the master data management market is currently valued at US$12 Billion and is due to grow by 283% by 2027. The intersection of these two key markets enables 1Spatial’s customers to benefit from an offering that draws on the best of these two sectors.

Increasingly, datasets now contain a location data element (estimates are now 80% of all data), further supporting the unique 1Spatial proposition – and we believe Location Master Data Management is the future.

Data sharing plays an important role in developing national data sets for decision-making, such as Net Zero planning, (for example, the placement of electric vehicle charging points). Our market-leading 1Spatial Platform is being used in several large-scale projects to create these data sharing platforms. Our technology can also validate, cleanse, synchronise, update and enrich existing data sets – giving customers confidence that their data is compliant, current and complete – and will, importantly, remain up to date. The 1Spatial Platform also supports a fast and secure data validation process for data suppliers via our data-upload cloud portal 1Data Gateway.

Our domain expertise and data-agnostic approach allow us to be an integral and important part of the geospatial ecosystem, supporting the wider digital economy.

Our global clients include customers where location data is key to their business and include national mapping agencies, government departments, utility companies, transportation organisations, emergency services and defence departments.

We regularly partner with GIS providers such as ESRI and major mainstream technology providers and, together with our people, innovative solutions and industry knowledge, we are delivering world-class solutions to our customers.

1Spatial is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with operations in the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Belgium, Tunisia, and Australia.

Both days, Exhibit & Present

Dillistone Group Plc is a global leader in the supply of technology solutions and test & train services to the recruitment sector worldwide, in both contingency recruitment and executive search markets.

The Group trades through the Ikiru People brand, selling into recruitment, staffing and executive search businesses, as well as corporate talent acquisition teams around the world.

Ikiru People provides the platforms its clients need to test and train candidates, support further development, enhance the recruitment process, and source the best talent. Operating in more than 50 countries over six continents and working with thousands of users, the Group boasts more than 30 years in the market and 100’s of years of collective experience.

Contingency Recruitment Sector:

In the contingency recruitment sector, Ikiru’s products are primarily, but not exclusively, used by UK recruitment agencies. Products serving this sector are:

  • Online is an online skills testing product used by both recruitment agencies and corporate recruiters and has a strong international footprint. It allows recruiters and HR professionals to test individuals using our extensive portfolio of existing tests or to create their own unique tests to meet their requirements.
  • MidOffice is a comprehensive pay & bill solution that allows recruitment businesses and back office service providers to process timesheets and bridges the gap between paying workers and invoicing clients. It can be used standalone or integrated to other recruitment systems including our Infinity product.
  • Infinity is an established recruitment CRM used primarily by agencies in the UK, but also with users in Asia and Australia. It enables recruitment businesses to manage prospects, clients, candidates, and jobs in one place and offers deep integration to Office365 and other recruitment industry complementary solutions. It is one of the few solutions in the UK market with extensive functionality for permanent, contract and temporary jobs all in one system.

Executive Search Sector:

Primary products in the Executive Search sector are:

FileFinder is an established CRM product used by headhunters worldwide.

  • GatedTalent is a service that helps recruiters source candidates and candidates find jobs. From a recruiter perspective, it provides an extensive search function and GDPR support, while offering candidates increased recruiter visibility.
  • Talentis was launched in early 2021. A combined sourcing and recruiting tool, it allows users to use executive search type recruiting techniques in far broader markets.

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

Aquis Exchange PLC is an exchange services group, which operates pan-European cash equities trading businesses (Aquis Exchange), growth and regulated primary markets (Aquis Stock Exchange/AQSE) and develops/licenses exchange software to third parties (Aquis Technologies).
Aquis Exchange is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and France’s Autorité des Marchés Financiers to operate Multilateral Trading Facility businesses in the UK/Switzerland and in EU27 respectively. Aquis operates lit and dark order books offering trading in over 1,700 stocks across 16 European markets.
Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) is a stock market providing primary and secondary markets for equity and debt products. It is authorised as a Recognised Investment Exchange, which allows it to operate a regulated listings venue. The AQSE Growth Market is divided into two segments ‘Access’ and ‘Apex’, with different levels of admission criteria. The Access market focuses on earlier stage growth companies, while Apex is the intended market for larger, more established businesses.
Aquis Technologies is the software and technology division of Aquis Exchange PLC. It creates and licenses cutting-edge, cost-effective matching engine and trade surveillance technology for banks, brokers, investment firms and exchanges.
Aquis Exchange PLC is quoted on the AQSE and on the Alternative Investment Market of the LSE (AIM) market. For more information, please go to

Thursday, Present

Franchise Brands is focused on building market-leading businesses primarily via a franchise model.
The Group currently has a combined network of over 600 franchisees across six principal franchise brands in the UK, North America and Europe. The Group’s B2B brands are Metro Rod, Metro Plumb, Filta, Willow Pumps and Azura and the B2C brands are ChipsAway, Ovenclean and Barking Mad. Co-founded by Stephen Hemsley (Executive Chairman) and Nigel Wray (Non-executive Director) in 2008, Franchise Brands was admitted to AIM in 2016.

Thursday, Exhibit & Present

We are Brave Bison. We plug you into the thick of the digital action, providing the tech, the data, the thinking and the social savvy you need to succeed. The Brave Bison universe is a global community of 158 million followers and we generate billions of views every month.

This gives us real-time insight into what’s working, right now. We know how to deliver the right content, influencers, creators and strategies to excite audiences, worldwide. We do it for our own social-first brands, our network of premium YouTube channel partners and for clients that include Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Uber Eats, and Uniqlo.

Every day we’re winning hearts, creating conversations, and driving conversion. Let’s see where we can take you.

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

Checkit is the artificial intelligence platform for deskless workforces, enabling operational agility and smart decision making in large multinational and complex organisations. We have over 500 customers across the globe, including Global Fortune 500 and public health organisations. Our customers are making pen and paper obsolete through the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enabled digital assistants and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. By automating the interaction between people, assets, and buildings, more than 14 billion sensor readings per year now flow through our AI enabled platform to unlock productivity insights, missed sales opportunities and energy efficiencies.

Smart People + Smart Assets + Smart Buildings = Intelligent Operations

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

Opening the door to property, mortgage and franchise expertise
Founded in 1995 and listed in 2012, Belvoir Group (BLV:AIM) is a leading UK property, franchise and financial services group operating through two divisions: a network of property franchisees and a network of mortgage advisers, combining to support customers throughout their property journey.
The Group’s multi-brand strategy, launched in 2015, has driven growth to a network of 363 franchised estate and lettings agency offices across five brands, managing 72,900 properties. The diversification into financial services through the acquisition of Brook Financial Services in 2017 introduced mortgage expertise to the Group which now operates through 243 advisers under the Mortgage Advice Bureau brand.
At franchisee level, Belvoir continues to drive consolidation within the UK property sector through its assisted acquisitions programme, which proactively identifies suitable bolt-on lettings businesses for its franchisees to acquire, while providing optional funding and support. The programme has undertaken over 110 assisted acquisitions since 2014 seeing many of our franchisees double the size of their business overnight.
The Group benefits from a strong lettings base with 56% of gross profit derived from lettings, which surety of revenue and ongoing financial stability in a cyclical property market. Furthermore, our substantial financial services client bank provides a source for remortgage and other insurance revenue-generating opportunities.
Thanks to the diversified revenue stream, the Group has continued to outperform the markets in which it operates, marking 25 years’ of uninterrupted profit growth. In 2021 it reported revenue of £29.6m and a dividend of 8.5p for the year, representing a healthy yield of 3.5%.
Belvoir’s proven track record in delivering growth is built around a business model of supporting networks of entrepreneurial business owners. This is underpinned by a significant bias towards lettings, providing a recurring revenue stream, and sound business ethics. The Group’s capital allocation policy provides a reliable and growing dividend and therefore an attractive yield for investors, whilst retaining funding for the group’s growth strategy.

Wednesday, Present

Getech (AIM: GTC) applies its world-leading geoscience data and unique geospatial software products to accelerate the energy transition by locating, developing and operating geoenergy and green hydrogen projects.
Geoenergy unites geoscience and related technologies to improve subsurface energy extraction, energy storage and critical minerals recovery. With complementary distributed energy solutions, such as green hydrogen, geoenergy is essential to a secure and sustainable energy transition.
Leveraging its status as a trusted partner in the energy transition, enables Getech to establish new revenue-generative relationships that can be expanded into strategic partnerships to build Getech’s own portfolio of scalable repeatable low-carbon projects. The Company’s locate-develop-operate business model is positioned to maximise the value of its unique offering and to deliver transformational growth in shareholder value.
Getech’s focus sectors are:
• Green Hydrogen – developing own network of green hydrogen and ammonia hubs;
• Geothermal – identifying and developing geothermal projects using geoscience and geospatial capabilities;
• Critical minerals – analysing location & economic concentration of critical minerals; and
• Sustainable energy and carbon capture & storage (CCS) – identifying highest value hydrocarbons with lowest carbon footprint; developing integrated CCS solutions.
For further information, please visit

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

DSW Capital, owner of the Dow Schofield Watts brand, is a profitable, fast growing, mid-market, challenger professional services network with a cash generative business model and scalable platform for growth. Originally established in 2002, by three KPMG alumni, DSW is one of the first platform models disrupting the traditional model of accounting professional services firms. As at 31 March 2022, DSW operates licensing arrangements with 20 licensee businesses with 88 fee earners (“FEs”), across eight offices in England and one in Scotland. These trade primarily under the Dow Schofield Watts brand.

DSW’s vision is for the DSW Network to become the most sought-after destination for ambitious, entrepreneurial professionals to start and develop their own businesses. Through a licensing model, DSW gives professionals the autonomy and flexibility to fulfil their potential. Being part of the DSW Network brings support benefits in recruitment, funding and infrastructure. DSW’s challenger model attracts experienced, senior professionals, predominantly with a “Big 4” accounting firm background, who want to launch their own businesses and recognise the value of the Dow Schofield Watts brand and the synergies which come from being part of the DSW Network.

DSW aims to scale its agile model through organic growth, geographical expansion, additional service lines and investing in “Break Outs” (existing teams in larger firms). The Directors are targeting high margin, complementary, niche service lines with a strong synergistic fit with the existing DSW Network.

Wednesday, Present

GetBusy’s specialist productivity software solutions enable growing businesses to work securely and efficiently with their customers, suppliers and teams anytime, anywhere. Our solutions can be delivered flexibly across cloud, mobile, hosted and on-premise platforms, whilst integrating seamlessly with a wide variety of other class-leading core business systems.

With over 70,000 paying users across highly attractive market sectors and jurisdictions, GetBusy is an established and fast-growing SaaS business delivering sustained double-digit growth in high-quality recurring subscription revenue over the long term.

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

Avation PLC is a commercial passenger aircraft leasing company that was incorporated in England and Wales in 2006 and whose shares are admitted to the standard segment of the UK listing authority’s official list and are traded on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE: AVAP).


Avation owns and manages a fleet of aircraft which it leases, through its subsidiaries, to airlines across the world. Our customers include easyJet, Eva Air, Philippine Airlines, Air India, Vietjet Air, Fiji Airways, Mandarin Airlines, Cebu Pacific, airBaltic and Danish Air Transport. The company’s fleet includes Airbus A320 and A220 aircraft, Boeing 737 NG and 777-300ER aircraft and ATR 72 aircraft.

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

Godolphin Exploration (GEL) is exploring for base metals in Cornwall and Devon in the UK, with a primary focus on copper and tin – metals critical for the green energy transition. This movement towards electrification is driving bull markets in tin and copper with tin widely expected to see the largest proportional increase in demand from new green technologies of any metal. Modern mining methods make the resources in Devon and Cornwall excellent targets for exploration, especially in a world where ESG values and surety of supply are of paramount importance to consumers. Our assets comprise: – Exclusive rights to a 3D mine model (incl. historical mine records) enabling smart and efficient exploration – Geological & mining expertise – Deep legal comprehension with local knowledge which enables GEL to craft deals with surface and mineral owners Packages of mineral rights: – 3 drill-ready targets – Actively pursuing additional acquisitions

Both days, Exhibit & Present
Inspiration Healthcare (AIM: IHC) is a global provider of medical technology for use in critical care & operating theatres with a focus on neonatal care. The Company provides high-quality, innovative products to patients around the world which help to improve patient outcomes, and it actively invests in innovative product opportunities and disruptive technologies.
The Group currently consists of three companies: Inspiration Healthcare Ltd, SLE Ltd and Viomedex Ltd and under these brands the Group sells neonatal intensive care and operating theatre equipment around the world through a network of distributors into over 75 countries. Products range from highly sophisticated capital equipment through to single use disposables all of which can help improve outcomes of extremely sick patients.
In the UK and Ireland the Group offers direct sales for most of its products supported by Technical Service offering on site and return to base repair and maintenance along with 24/7 emergency hire of equipment and long term lease arrangements for its own brand products. The Group also acts as a distributor for 3rd party companies that wish to access the UK and the Republic of Ireland’s health systems using the Group’s sales and service expertise and knowledge of these healthcare providers. The therapy areas in which we distribute products such as Infusion, Respiratory and Developmental Care add value to our product portfolio.
The Group invests in growth through its Research and Development function holding numerous patents on its technology and has strong links with academic Key Opinion Leaders around the world and supports clinical research in the field of neonatal intensive care.

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

The global transition to renewable energy will require vast amounts of energy storage to fill in the ‘missing hours’ of wind and solar. Invinity has commercialized flow batteries for utility-grade energy storage. Invinity’s products can’t catch fire, don’t degrade with heavy use, are highly economical over their lifetime, and are proven in the field. By employing vanadium, a widely available element, to store energy, Invinity’s flow batteries free lithium and nickel to be used for electrifying vehicles where light weight is critical and constant cycling isn’t required.

Formed in 2020 from the merger of North American-based Avalon Battery with UK-based redT energy, Invinity has a portfolio of more than 40 energy storage projects in operation worldwide. Invinity’s projects include the UK’s largest flow battery at Energy Superhub Oxford supporting electrification of the Oxford area, Scottish Water to reduce the carbon footprint of their Perth facility, and at the European Marine Energy Center to support hydrogen production from tidal power.

Invinity has a global footprint with operations in the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia and China. The company is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: IES) and on the Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE).

Thursday, Present

John Lewis of Hungerford plc is the original painted kitchen company. For 50 years, we have been designing and creating, beautiful, handcrafted kitchens. In 1972, founder John Lewis, the original artisan, used his passion for woodwork and creative design to hand-craft his first few kitchen pieces. With a manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire, we are proud to be a British Manufacturer. Our highly talented designers and gifted workshop team have developed and distilled our product range into a select mix of contemporary, classic and traditional options. All of our cabinetry comes with a 10 years’ product and workmanship guarantee to ensure complete peace of mind.
Our design team operate out of 12 inspirational showrooms across London and the South of England, although we provide national coverage through online design consultations, home visits and beautiful samples. Our beautiful gallery of images from completed projects is available on our website and our social media channels.

We work directly with the residential customer and also with some key intermediaries, including interior designers, high end developers and architects. All our designs are unique and bespoke for each property, supported by a comprehensive installation service. Customers can choose from our carefully curated palette of over 100 colours, we also offer a bespoke colour matching service for those with a particular shade in mind. Each design results in a stunning kitchen and ensures our customers are able to enhance their living spaces to enjoy with family and friends.

A John Lewis of Hungerford kitchen adds value to the property through its excellent brand position and is often cited on residential sales particulars. The company added their Bedroom Collection 9 years ago, supplying high quality wardrobes and furniture to complement their range and provide cabinetry options for around the home.

Wednesday, Present

Kape is a leading ‘privacy-first’ digital security software provider to consumers. Through its range of privacy and security products, Kape focusses on protecting consumers and their personal data as they go about their daily digital lives.

Kape has over 6.5 million paying subscribers, supported by a team of over 850 people across ten locations worldwide. Kape has a proven track record of revenue and EBITDA growth, underpinned by a strong business model which leverages our digital marketing expertise.

Through its subscription-based platform, Kape has fast established a highly scalable SaaS-based operating model, geared towards capitalising on the vast global consumer digital privacy market.

Both days, Exhibit & Present

Progressive Equity Research is a company sponsored reach provider, offering freely available and engaging research, and opportunities to hear from a wide range of small and mid-cap UK listed companies. FCA authorised and regulated, with a 15-strong team of experienced analysts and a dedicated investor engagement team, we ensure that the companies we promote are known and understood by the widest spectrum of potential shareholders.

Many small to mid-cap companies don’t get the research coverage they need to attract significant investment, particularly in this new regulatory environment. Our analysts, all of whom are sector specialists and have enjoyed successful careers in mainstream investment banks, help companies address this problem by producing top quality, insightful and objective research. In contrast to banks and brokers, there are no restrictions on where our research can be distributed, and it is widely read by institutional asset owners and wealth managers down to family offices and retail investors in the UK and across Europe. To sign up and receive copies of our research, or to keep informed about our regular investor events, subscribe at

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

NMR is the leading agri-tech supplier of management information to the UK dairy supply chain. Through a team of self-employed milk-recorders, it collects and tests milk samples for approximately 50% of the UK’s two million cows. In addition, its laboratories provide payment testing and disease testing services for Britain’s milk processors. NMR has a joint-venture laboratory in the Republic of Ireland providing similar services to farmers and processors across the whole of Ireland. Another division of the Group is a livestock traceability business, Nordic Star, which services the UK dairy and beef sectors.

Thursday, Exhibit & Present

Orcadian Energy is a North Sea oil and gas development company with a strategy to transform oil production into a cleaner and greener process.
Orcadian has four licences in its portfolio with the Pilot oilfield being the Company’s key asset and largest oilfield. Pilot is well appraised and development ready with audited reserves of 79 MMbbl 2P and an NPV10 of $640 million at $60 per barrel. The Pilot project is moving towards approval and will be amongst the lowest 5% of carbon emitting oil production facilities in the world, despite being viscous crude, once in production.
The Company also has a further 78 MMbbl of contingent resources in the Elke, Narwhal & Blakeney discoveries (licences P2320 and P2482) with an NPV10 at $60 per barrel of $458 million. Orcadian also has the Bowhead Prospect, a low risk exploration on its licensed acreage, which is a Pilot lookalike with 43 MMbbls. Elke appraisal and satellite exploration targets also contain over 80 MMbbls.
Orcadian’s is also looking to secure further discovered resources at low cost to transform those resources into reserves and onto production, grasping opportunities that have eluded some of the much bigger companies.
The Company has also, following an award from the North Sea Transition Authority, provided a carbon emissions solution for the North Sea. “Orcadian’s Microgrid Concept” for the electrification of oil and gas platforms aims to dramatically cut carbon emissions, ensuring that the oil and gas that features in the future energy mix is as sustainable as possible. This solution has the potential to reduce emissions by an estimated 80% for offshore facilities and save almost US$2 billion. This solution is more than 25% cheaper compared to a solution that uses power from the UK grid. Orcadian and its consortium partners have designed what they believe is a viable, reliable, off-grid option for powering North Sea platforms.
The Company believe the UKs pursuit of greater energy security and sustainable oil and gas solutions has reached a key turning point. Electrification of offshore oil and gas is not easy, but it is the Company’s view that oil and gas will remain an essential part of the energy mix for the United Kingdom for years to come and it is essential to ensure that those hydrocarbons are extracted in the cleanest possible way – that is at the forefront to Orcadian’s strategy.

Wednesday, Exhibit & Present

One Media iP (AIM:OMIP) is a media content owner which actively exploits intellectual digital property rights related to music, video and copyright technology, maximising revenue from royalties. It has a catalogue independently valued at £34.8 million (as at April 2022) that is focused on the intellectual property rights of more mature compositions, already proven to deliver reliable, recurring income streams with growth potential.
The One Media catalogue contains over 200,000 music tracks, diversified across a range of genres including pop, rock, classical and country. It includes rights from a number of high profile and familiar classics such as Karma Chameleon by Culture Club; Take That’s ‘A Million Love Songs’ and ‘Could It Be Magic’; over 200 tracks from country music star Don Williams; and over 250 tracks performed by Kid Creole and the Coconuts, including chart toppers ‘Annie I’m Not Your Daddy’ and ‘Stool Pigeon’.
One Media realises the value of its content by maximising its availability in over 600 digital stores globally, including Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon and Spotify, as well as an increasing number of wider digital platforms, including apps and gaming.
One Media’s music is also widely used in film and TV, whilst its video content is primarily viewed on YouTube. It operates over 20 YouTube channels as a certified partner, including ‘Men & Motors’, its branded car channel.
The Company is the owner of a digital music audit software tool, Technical Copyright Analysis Tool Ltd (“TCAT”), which is operated as a subsidiary business by a separate management team. Developed by One Media, TCAT is a proprietary, specialist anti-piracy tool which identifies the illegal or unlicensed use of digital music, helping to maximise revenue for record labels and also for One Media. It also provides real time data on the past performance and expected future trends of content, supporting our acquisition strategy and further de-risking the investment process.
Overseen by a proven management team with deep music industry expertise and relationships built over decades, OMIP has delivered six consecutive years of year-on-year growth. At its FY 2021 results it reported a 13% uplift in net revenues, 11% increase in EBITDA and operating profit up 6%.
For further information, please visit

Thursday, Present

RBG Holdings plc is a professional services group, which comprises the following divisions:

RBG Legal Services Limited (“RBGLS”)
RBGLS is the Group’s legal services division which combines the businesses previously operated by Rosenblatt Limited and Memery Crystal LLP.

Rosenblatt (“RB”)
Rosenblatt is one of the UK’s pioneering legal practices and a leader in dispute resolution. Rosenblatt provides a range of legal services to its diversified client base, which includes companies, banks, entrepreneurs and individuals. Complementing this is Rosenblatt’s increasingly international footprint, advising on complex cross-jurisdictional disputes.

Memery Crystal (“MC”)
Memery Crystal offers legal services in a range of areas such as corporate (including a market-leading corporate finance offering), real estate, commercial, IP & technology (CIPT), banking & finance, tax & wealth structuring and employment. Memery Crystal is one of the leading legal practices in the UK to advise the emerging cannabis sector on a wide range of business issues. Memery Crystal offers a partner-led service to a broad range of clients, from multinational companies, financial institutions and owner-managed businesses to individual entrepreneurs.

LionFish Litigation Finance Limited (“LionFish”)
The Group also provides litigation finance in selected cases through a separate arm, LionFish Litigation Finance Limited. LionFish finances litigation matters being run by other solicitors in return for a significant return on the outcome of those cases. As such, the Group has two types of litigation assets – Rosenblatt’s own client matters, and litigation matters run by third-party solicitors. LionFish is positioned to be a unique, alternative provider to the traditional litigation funders.

Convex Capital Limited (“Convex Capital”)
Convex Capital is a specialist sell-side corporate finance boutique based in Manchester. Convex Capital is entirely focused on helping companies, particularly owner-managed and entrepreneurial businesses, realise their value through sales to large corporates. Convex Capital identifies and proactively targets firms that it believes represent attractive acquisition opportunities.

Thursday, Present

REACT is a leader in the specialist cleaning, decontamination, and hygiene sector. Our purpose is to rapidly return customers’ property to safe, clean, operational use through regular specialist cleaning and emergency response to potentially harmful incidents.

The core business includes regular deep cleaning regimes in the health service, on parts of the rail network and the highways; emergency call-out work to respond to trauma, anti-social behaviour, and other hazardous incidents across a range of sectors including working for some of the industry’s largest facilities management (“FM”) firms. 80% of revenue is contracted and recurring.

Work undertaken has tangible value; the cost of not being able to operate a train, open a hospital ward or occupy property is material, hence the work REACT does is valued and operates at higher margins than regular cleaning.

A strong balance sheet, great customer relationships and growing demand for national coverage positions REACT well to materially improve shareholder value through continued organic growth and selected M&A.

Both days, Present

SmartSpace Software plc (AIM: SMRT) is a fast-growing, SaaS-based provider of flexible workspace software including desk, meeting room and visitor management solutions for the SME and mid-market, on a global scale. The Group’s complementary cloud-based platforms (SwipedOn and Space Connect) are scalable, enjoy short sales cycles and can be easily self-deployed to create cost effective COVID-safe solutions for flexible workspace environments. Offering a cutting-edge technology stack that includes facial recognition, AI, advanced analytics and UX configuration tools, this means that customers can make real-time intelligent decisions to manage building capacity and social distancing, improve the efficiency of a workspace and support real estate rationalisation strategies.

The three operating companies in the Group comprise:
• Space Connect – SaaS meeting room and desk booking (
• SwipedOn – SaaS visitor management, desk booking (
• Anders & Kern – distribution and technical support (
For more information go to:

Thursday, Present

Sanderson Design Group PLC is an international luxury interior furnishings company that designs, manufactures and markets wallpapers and fabrics together with a wide range of ancillary interior products. In 2020, we brought our portfolio of brands home to Sanderson Design Group PLC, evoking the combined longevity and prodigious creative history of our brands. ‘Sanderson Design Group’ describes the ebullience of our past endeavours. The group is home to 7 quintessentially British luxury interior consumer brands, of which 3 are heritage powered, 3 contemporary and 1 B2C; and 2 manufacturing brands. At Sanderson Design Group we are Sanderson, Morris & Co., Zoffany, Harlequin, Clarke & Clarke, Scion, Archive, Standfast & Barracks and Anstey Wallpaper Company. Our purpose is ”To bring the Beautiful into People’s Homes and Lives”. This has defined and shaped our brands since our very earliest days. The oldest brand in our arsenal, from where we derive the namesake of our group, begun life in 1860, as an importer of fine French wallpapers to London. Early success led to displaying designs at London’s finest showroom, at Berners Street. Around this time in 1924, Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd were awarded The Royal Warrant. The first tentative steps to becoming the Sanderson Design Group that we are today were taken in 1940, with Sanderson’s acquisition of the Arts and Crafts movement pioneer, Morris & Co. Sanderson and Morris & Co. are historically intertwined giants of British interior design. The burgeoning design family was bolstered by new members, Zoffany and Harlequin, with the formers’ acquisition by Walker Greenbank PLC in 2003. The acquisition, brought consumer brands Zoffany and Harlequin, as well as manufacturing brand Anstey Wallpaper Company. Walker Greenbank’s shift to the interiors market was consolidated with the acquisition of British fabric printing brand Standfast & Barracks in 2000, along with Sanderson and Morris & Co. in 2003, making the design family unique placed in the market due to its entirely British manufacturing base. More brands were added to the family in 2012. Scion brought to life playful characters such as ‘Mr. Fox.’, filling our homes with joy and personality. Created in 1999, Clarke & Clarke joins the Sanderson Design Group family in 2016 as a prime example of fabulously eccentric British interior design. Blowing the doors off our historic archive, new-brand-on-the-block ‘Archive By Sanderson Design’ promises a fresh (and boisterous) relationship with classic past designs. We are proud to Bring the Beautiful into People’s Homes and Lives. We are Sanderson Design Group.

Wednesday, Present

SigmaRoc PLC is a specialist quarrying group that invests, improves, integrates and innovates companies within the quarried materials space in Europe.

We invest in high quality quarries that allow us to extract low and high grade materials for use in construction, agriculture, environmental and industrial applications.

Our key strength is our decentralised operating model, complimented by constant operational improvement.

Both days, Present

Spreadex is a trusted UK-based spread betting and CFD provider, established in 1999.

Via our trading platform and apps, clients are able to trade thousands of financial markets including indices, shares, FX, commodities, bonds, options, Exchange Traded Funds and interest rates.

Wednesday, Present & Exhibit

TClarke remains at the forefront of the Building Services industry. Our innovation and expertise are employed in the design, installation, integration and maintenance of the mechanical and electrical systems and technologies that a 21st century building needs for control, performance, and sustainability. We currently operate from twenty locations serving the whole of the UK. We are a proud employer of local people in the towns and cities that we serve. Our reputation for high quality and the successful application of new technologies has been built over 130 years operating in five market sectors: Engineering Services, Technologies, Infrastructure, Residential & Hotels and Facilities Management.

Both days, Present & Exhibit

Warpaint has been listed on AIM since 2016, and is a profitable, cash generative, dividend-paying business with no debt. Warpaint sells branded cosmetics under the lead brand names of W7 and Technic. W7 is sold in the UK primarily to major retailers and internationally to local distributors or retail chains. The Technic brand is sold in the UK and continental Europe with a significant focus on the gifting market, principally for high street retailers and supermarkets. In addition, Warpaint supplies own brand white label cosmetics produced for several major high street retailers. The Group also sells cosmetics using its other brand names of Man’stuff, Body Collection, Very Vegan, and Chit Chat, each targeting a different demographic.

Wednesday, Present & Exhibit

Spun out from the British Government’s Rutherford Appleton Labs in 2002, Thruvision Group is an AIM-quoted technology company that develops, manufactures and sells people-security-screening technology. Thruvision has developed a range of exceptional cameras that register minute differences in body heat, and the technology can detect relatively small objects hidden under an individual’s clothing. Based in the UK, Thruvision sells its products globally, focusing on three main sectors, Aviation, Customs and Profit Protection, where it is finding significant opportunities to grow its presence, while Mass Transit and Event/Location Entrance protection markets could be developed in future. A key feature of Thruvision’s technology is that it operates at a physically distant range of several metres and completely removes the need for physical searches.

Both days, Present & Exhibit

VectorVest is the only stock analysis and portfolio management system that analyzes, ranks and graphs over 16,500 stocks each day for value, safety and timing and gives a clear buy, sell or hold rating on every stock every day. VectorVest now comes complete with the UK, USA, CA, AU and all of Europe databases.

VectorVest gives you ANSWERS, not just data. What to buy. What to sell. Most importantly, WHEN. Unbiased, independent answers. Investment guidance provided at a glance or through your own analysis.

Thursday, Present & Exhibit

Velocity Composites plc is the leading supplier of advanced composite material kits to aerospace and other high-performance manufacturers. The kits reduce costs and improve sustainability. Velocity manufactures the kits for use in the production of carbon fibre composite parts for aerospace and other high performance manufacturers, such as automotive OEM’s, and pioneers of renewable energy applications.

Based in Burnley, Lancashire, Velocity Composites is a market- leading UK tech business, benefiting from the growing need to improve the sustainability of aviation. There has been a step-change in the use of carbon fibre in aircraft as manufacturers have to reduce aircraft weight and improve their efficiency to deliver greater sustainability. By using Velocity’s kits, produced using their proprietary technology, manufacturers can reduce costs and free up internal resources to focus on their core business. Velocity has a critical position in the aerospace supply chain, forming a bridge between major raw material manufacturers and blue-chip aerospace manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus, with whom it has long- standing relationships. Velocity’s proven, innovative technology means reduced raw material waste, improved safety through better traceability and improved efficiency by digital management of the whole process

Velocity has significant potential for expansion, both in the UK and abroad. As well as aerospace, the demand for composites from other industries is growing in line with the need to improve global sustainability. Key target sectors for Velocity include wind energy, marine, automotive, electric propulsion, urban air mobility and hydrogen power

Thursday, Present & Exhibit

ZOO Digital supports major Hollywood studios and streaming services to globalise their content and reach audiences everywhere, by providing world-leading, technology-enabled localisation and media services. Founded in 2001, ZOO Digital operates from hubs in Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Turkey, South Korea, India and Denmark with a development and production centre in Sheffield, UK. The company is targeting $100m sales in the medium term. The Group provides media services through its platforms that include: ZOOsubs, ZOOdubs, ZOOstudio. Its full-service proposition delivers the end-to-end services required to prepare both original and catalogue content for digital distribution; these services include dubbing, subtitling & captioning, metadata creation & localisation, artwork localisation and media processing. Alongside this offering, ZOO also provides its customers with management platforms and strategic solutions to support their own internal globalisation operations. ZOO is a go-to service partner for media businesses looking to globalise their content across different territories, languages and distribution platforms. Using its innovative technology-enabled approach, ZOO helps its customers to reduce time to market, lower costs and deliver high quality products to their global audiences. The business has frameworks in place with all major Hollywood studios and streaming services. Its customers include Disney, NBCUniversal, HBO and ViacomCBS. ZOO’s competitive advantage arises from three interlinking factors – the leading role it has played in the digital transformation of its sector; the world class proprietary platforms that it develops to enable this transformation; and the global supply chain of thousands of freelancers, working collaboratively in ZOO’s platforms, which delivers services that scale easily to meet demand. These factors combine to make ZOO uniquely geared to capitalise on new market opportunities in a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry.

Thursday, Present 

Phoenix Copper Limited is an AIM listed company with a high potential polymetallic resource in Idaho, US. Our flagship project is the Empire Mine, which consists of an open pit presently identified to be holding a little under 130k tonnes of copper, 350k oz of gold, 10m oz of silver and 58k tonnes of zinc (measured and inferred) being brought into production in the near term. It will be a low-cost, highly cash generative project, anticipated to payback pre-production capital expenditure in under 2 years. 

We’re aiming to fund development of the open pit via non dilutive debt, and use the significant free cash flow it will generate to expedite exploration of our other assets, with only around 1% of our 8,000 acre holding fully explored to date. Initial drilling results into the deep copper sulphides have revealed copper grades of up to 8.38%, with a possible tungsten/moly porphyry beneath, while at Navarre Creek early indications suggest the possibility of a Carlin style gold deposit. The area is truly polymetallic, with gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, tungsten and molybdenum all present, making Phoenix ideally positioned to support the transition to a clean economy. 

Phoenix is committed to the highest standards of ESG, which have been embedded at every stage of our mine design. We are working closely with the community and are using environmentally friendly processes to extract metals. Our electricity is from 70% renewable sources and our focus is on producing clean energy metals to the highest ESG standards.

Both days, Exhibit

Designers, developers, importers, distributors and e-tailers across a number of product categories including toy sports & leisure, bicycles, home & garden, and e-mobility. Based in Birmingham the Group sells licensed and own brand ranges via a number of channels from large national blue-chip retailers to small independent customers as well as direct to consumer. Character licences include Batman, Disney Princess, Frozen, LOL Surprise!, Nerf, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Avengers and Spider-Man. Own brands include Airwave, Ben Sayers, Boss, Claud Butler, Dawes, Falcon, Hedstrom, Jack Stonehouse, Li-Fe, Pro Rider, Squish, Stunted, uMoVe and Wired.
Products include kid’s and adult bicycles, electric mobility products (bikes, scooters, motorcycles, golf trolleys), wheeled and outdoor toys, gazebos, parasols, garden furniture, small domestic appliances and home décor. The majority of the Group’s product ranges are either human or lithium powered and as such are well placed to capitalise on the growth in clean sustainable urban mobility.

Wednesday, Present

Steve Clapham is the founder of Behind the Balance Sheet (, the premier investment training consultancy. The company runs Forensic Accounting Courses for leading institutions like Schroders, Hermes and Baillie Gifford – since its first course in June 2018, over 150 investment professionals have been through the programme. More recently, courses have been made available to private investors, both in-person at its City training academy and online (
After launching a programme for a leading wealth manager delivered in person, online and via webinar, in 2020 the company will launch an in-depth course for private investors. Titled “Want to become an Analyst?”, the programme will last one year, and will take retail investors from the basics to a level where they have a real understanding of company accounts and analysis.

Wednesday, Present

Propportunities is a prediominantly on-line platform, designed for those interested in residential property development & investment. Built by property professionals with many years of experience, propportunities sources and promotes both development and investment opportunities for its members, bringing together a collection of services to provide an extensive resource pool. The free membership model also provides access to helpful guides, sector news and case studies, along with premium services providing consultancy, project sourcing & management and investment opportunities.

Wednesday, Present

ATOME Energy Plc is an AIM listed company targeting green hydrogen and ammonia production with up to 350-megawatt projects in Paraguay and Iceland, through its subsidiaries ATOME Paraguay, which is wholly owned, and Green Fuel ehf, in which ATOME Energy holds a 75 per cent interest, respectively. The Company has commenced operational planning, sourcing and negotiations with green electricity suppliers, equipment providers and offtake partners, including signed memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements in place with key parties including national power companies, to use electricity generated from existing geothermal sources in Iceland and hydroelectric power in Paraguay. Both sites are located close to the power and water sources and export facilities to serve significant domestic and then international demand.

Thursday, Exhibit

SEEEN is the video optimisation platform company offering proprietary AI technology products and services to help creators, brands and publishers drive value from their video assets. Through its core AI technology backbone, JetStream, SEEEN can analyse all scenes in all videos to detect people, logos, objects and speech, as well as determining which of these video segments are the most interesting for viewers (“Video Moments”).

This Video Moments technology enables CreatorSuite, which is used by publishers, brands and services businesses to improve website traffic and monetisation with “in the moment” purchases.  SEEEN also uses its technology to drive its and its customers’ social media channels by clipping and re-mixing videos for greater audiences and revenues without additional video production.

Pittards plc (AIM: PTD) is a UK and Ethiopia based specialist designer producer and manufacturer of premium, technically-advanced and high performance leathers, supplying global brands, manufacturers and distributors as well as selling direct to the public. Established in 1826 and headquartered in Yeovil, Somerset, its production cycle spans R&D conception through to on-site testing and manufacturing. Customers include global brands such as FootJoy, Berghaus, Franklin, Morgan Cars, VivoBarefoot, Sennheiser and Dr. Martens.

In addition to its Somerset HQ, the Company has operated a large tannery in Ejersa, Ethiopia, since 2005, where it manufactures leather for gloves, footwear, and footwear linings, employing over 1,000 local workers. The Company’s operations at the tannery not only provide significant local employment, but also serve to contribute and enrich the local community. These initiatives include the provision of an on-site clinic for workers and their families, new classrooms, and new library books..

The Company is ISO 14001 certified across both sites, is ISO 9000 certified, and LWG bronze medal rated in the UK. Its Ethiopian division has been independently audited and certified against environmental and quality management standards by major brands. Pittards only tans hides and skins that are a by-product of the food industry.

Pittards has been a pioneer in brand partnership to establish MRSL compliance, maintaining its own in-house laboratory for over fifty years, thus, ensuring delivery against technical standards and test criteria, and a launchpad for innovation and new technology.

Pittards is delivering an expanding range of products to an increasing number of market segments (including golf, outdoor sports, premium footwear, luxury leather goods, interiors and automotive), creating a more balanced brand portfolio. The Company invested £0.8m in 2021 in new. leading-edge technology and plans further capital investment in 2022/23. Its focus continues to be on profitable diversified growth, driven by innovation and sustainable development.