Mello Investment Trusts & Funds Recordings

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Welcome and introduction to your co-host, Karin Schulte 
2.00 pm Andrew Hollingworth presents his approach to investing in ITFs
2.20 pm  Impax Asset Management, with Founder and CEO, Ian Simm 
2.50 pm Reg Hoare outlines his criteria for selecting Investment Trusts and Funds
3.10 pm Company presentation by Augmentum Fintech 
3.40 pm VectorVest – introducing their safe and consistent portfolio growth model
4.00 pm MoneyMakers Jonathan Davis and Simon Elliott present the latest IT News
4.20 pm Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc – Global Financials: impact of rising interest rates and economic recovery
4.50 pm Investment Trusts and Funds Panel, including Reg Hoare, Andrew Hollingworth, Paul de Gruchy, Nick Brind hosted by Karin Schulte

5.00 pm Company presentation by International Biotechnology Trust
5.30 pm Paul de Gruchy – Finding new investments for a new Investment Trust portfolio
6.00 pm Company presentation by Primary Bid
6.30 pm MoneyMakers Jonathan Davis and Simon Elliott – New issues and secondary placings with investment trusts – are they good opportunities? 
7.00 pm Company presentation by Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust 
7.30 pm Deborah Fuhr presents on ETFs
7.50 pm Company presentation by VectorVest
8.05 pm Paul Smiddy Book Review – Built on a Lie : The Rise and Fall of Neil Woodford and the Fate of Middle England’s Money, by Owen Walker
8.10 pm Keith Hiscock introduces Hardman&Co
8.15 pm Investment Trusts panel featuring Mark Bentley, Ed Shing, Simon Elliott, Jonathan Davis, Judith MacKenzie

5.00 pm Reg Hoare presents his selection criteria when investing in Investment Trusts and Funds
5.20 pm Company presentation by Residential Secure Income
5.50 pm Company presentation by Oakley Capital Investments
6.20 pm Andrew Hollingworth, fund manager, presents his investment strategies and ideas
6.40 pm Company presentation by Strategic Equity Capital
7.10 pm Investment Trusts and Funds Panel Session with Ken Wotton, Reg Hoare, Karin Schulte, Paul de Gruchy and Andrew Hollingworth

3.05 pm The AIC and the benefits of investing in Investment Trusts & Funds
3.30 pm Company presentation by India Capital Growth Fund
4.00 pm Reg Hoare presents an update on Investment Trusts & Funds
4.15 pm Company presentation by Sanford DeLand Free Spirit Fund
4.45 pm David Stredder interviews Alyx Wood, Fund Manager at Kernow AM
5.05 pm Introducing Edmund Shing, private investor in Investment Trusts & Funds
5.15 pm Company presentation by Next Energy Solar Fund
5.45 pm Company presentation by Downing Renewable & Infrastructure Trust (DORE)
6.15 pm Money Makers – Join Jonathan and Simon for the latest Investment Trust news
6.35 pm Investment Trusts & Funds panel session with Q&A

4.00 pm Jonathan Davis, Editor of the Investment Trusts Handbook 
4.15 pm Company presentation by Vietnam Holdings
4.45 pm Company presentation by BB Healthcare
5.15 pm Ed Shing
5.30 pm Company presentation by Impax AM
6.00 pm Company presentation by Sterling Investments
6.15 pm Company presentation by Downing Renewables and Infrastructure Trust
6.45 pm Company presentation by Antler
7.00 pm Company presentation by Golden Prospect
7.30 pm Investment Trusts &Funds Investor Panel