Mello London 2019 Exhibitors

The following companies have secured their place to attend the Mello London 2019 Event.

Ultimate Products

Presenting, Wednesday Ultimate Products is an owner, manager, designer and developer of a series of well-known brands focused on the home, selling to over 300 retailers across 36 countries. It has six product categories: Audio; Heating and Cooling; Housewares; Laundry; Luggage; and Small Domestic Appliances. Its brands include Beldray (laundry, floor care, heating and cooling), Intempo (audio), Salter (kitchenware), Constellation (luggage), and Progress (cookware and bakeware). The Group's products are sold to a broad cross-section of both large national and international multi-channel retailers as well as smaller national retail chains, incorporating discount retailers, supermarkets, general retailers and online retailers. Its best-selling products include frying pans, mugs and speakers, selling approximately one million of each every year. Founded in 1997, Ultimate Products is headquartered in Oldham, Greater Manchester, where it has design, sales, marketing, buying, quality assurance, support functions and warehouse facilities across two sites. Manor Mill, the Group's head office, includes a spectacular 20,000 sq ft showroom that showcases each of its brands. In addition, the Group has an office and showroom in Guangzhou, China and in Cologne, Germany. Ultimate Products' graduate development scheme was launched in 2012 and in 2018 it welcomed its one-hundredth graduate. In total, Ultimate Products now employs over 270 staff.

Blue Whale

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday. Blue Whale Capital LLP is a boutique asset management firm based in London backed by retail investment mogul Peter Hargreaves. The firm was set up with the aim of challenging the status quo within the investment management industry. The firm’s assets under management surpassed £200 million in 2019. Chief Investment Officer, ex-Artemis star fund manager Stephen Yiu, who started his professional career as at Hargreaves Lansdown was hand-picked by Peter Hargreaves to manage his family wealth. Blue Whale Capital’s flagship LF Blue Whale Growth Fund was launched in September 2017 and is presently the firm’s only fund offering. The Fund has a truly active, two-pronged investment process focused on both bottom-up fundamentals and valuation. The investment team, led by Yiu, perform rigorous fundamental analysis on each investment that meets their criteria. They are strong advocates of adopting a high conviction approach towards global stock selection and will invest in their best 25 - 35 ideas. The team feel that this, aided by their philosophy of carrying out independent research, will be critical in their mission to consistently achieve significant outperformance of the relevant market index.

Biome Technologies

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday

Biome is an AIM listed, growth-orientated, commercially driven technology group, comprising two divisions. Biome Bioplastics Limited and Stanelco RF Technologies Limited.

Biome Bioplastics is a leading developer of highly-functional, bio-based and biodegradable plastics. The company’s mission is to produce bioplastics that challenge the dominance of oil-based polymers. Unprecedented attention given to the global plastic waste issue has coincided with increasing sales enquiries and growing revenues for the division. Recent investment in broadening both the commercial and technical pipeline is set to support growth in coming periods.

Stanelco RF Technologies designs, builds and services advanced radio frequency (RF) systems. Dielectric and induction heating products are at the core of a product offering that ranges from portable sealing devices to large furnaces for the fibre optic cables that are at the core of the internet revolution.

Our group strategy is founded on building market-leading positions based on patented technology and serving international customers in valuable market sectors. We have chosen to do this by developing products in application areas that are not reliant on government legislation and where value-added pricing can be justified. Being market rather technology-led, our products are driven by customer requirements and are compatible with existing manufacturing processes. A recent fundraise was completed in October 2019 to support anticipated growth from the Bioplastics division.

More information on Biome and its products can be found at the following websites: and


SimplyBiz Group

Exhibiting & Presenting, both days The SimplyBiz Group is a leading provider of Support Services and Technology to UK retail financial services The SimplyBiz Group provides financial services technology, regulatory and business support to professionals operating within the financial services market. The Group provides support, on a membership basis, to over 3,700 financial intermediary businesses. In addition, we provide over 8000 licences of adviser technology and work in partnership with over 400 leading providers of financial products. The Group was formed in 2002 and, through organic growth and acquisition, rapidly grew to become the UK's largest provider of outsourced regulatory and business support to financial advisers, a position we still hold today. During that time, we created and launched innovative solutions for the lending and credit markets, launched and distributed industry leading technology systems and entered the legal and surveying markets and we remain prominent in each of those markets today. In 2019, we made our largest acquisition to date, adding Defaqto to our Group of companies. Defaqto is a leading research and FinTech provider and for over 20 years its brand has been well known and respected amongst advisers, providers and consumers alike. We operate from eight locations across the UK, employing over 540 dedicated professionals. *NPS score is based on survey of membership of SimplyBiz in January 2019, reflecting on the service they received during the previous year. Advisory figures as reported in our pre-close trading statement for year ended 31 December 2018.


Exhibiting & Presenting plus StockSlam Tuesday night At we've a got a clear mission: to help individual investors beat the stock market. We've been doing this ever since we launched our initial online service for UK investors in 2012 through simple, academically proven methods applied at scale on big financial data. Since then we've grown our coverage to over 80 stock exchanges around the world, attracting more than ten thousand paying subscribers in 99 different countries in the process. We've been acclaimed in the Financial Times, won "Best Investment Software" at the Shares Awards and are ranked in the top 3 services in the Investment Category on the independent reviews site Trustpilot. Join the community online at to learn more.

GetBusy plc

Exhibiting and Presenting, both days

GetBusy is a global Document Management and Communication software business that provides highly secure forms of digital document distribution, workflows and task-based communication.
GetBusy’s award-winning document management products, Virtual Cabinet and SmartVault, are well-established in the accounting and bookkeeping markets and together have over 65,000 paying subscribers. The products improve the efficiency and security of clients’ document workflows and integrate tightly with a wide variety of leading back-office systems, promoting significant productivity benefits for professional fee-earners. Both products enjoy low churn rates and attractive opportunities for vertical and geographical expansion, as evidenced by 20% recurring revenue growth in H1 2019. Approaching 90% of the Group’s revenue comes from high quality recurring subscriptions and the Group benefits from very low levels of customer concentration and resilient end markets.
The eponymous GetBusy product helps teams to become more productive and organised by providing smart communication and simple workflows centred on tasks. GetBusy has recently emerged from its public beta phase and is in the process of establishing product market fit. The GetBusy product potentially opens up substantially wider addressable markets for the Group, focussing on teams rather than specific industries.
GetBusy de-merged from Reckon Limited, an Australian-listed software group, in August 2017 and listed on AIM. Based in Cambridge, UK, with offices in Houston and Sydney, the Group employs around 120 staff worldwide.


Exhibiting & Presenting, both days​

daaimon is a research company focusing on small and medium-size listed companies. We aim to:
• promote affordable access to investors.
• help investors, in particular non-professional investors, make a better investment decision.
Globally, more than 80% of listed companies are too small and illiquid for professional (institutional) investors to invest in. However, almost all research produced by investment banks and brokers is for the professional investor market, which makes up only approximately 20% of the total investor market.
This means that the balance, approximately 80% of all investors, are investing without any analysis; and 80% of all listed companies are either targeting the incorrect investor pool, or are not targeting any investors at all. daaimon is striving to make amends and is rapidly gaining an impressive global following. We are unique as our platform includes both independent and sponsored research.
For corporates, daaimon offers two products: a sponsored research report and a platform-based IR service. daaimon research is a brand of well-priced, highly relevant and concise research. Our reports are long-term focused, written for non-institutional investors, and are extensively distributed on daaimon and other highly regarded platforms. Our platform-based IR service helps corporates further improve their reach. The combined price of the research report and platform-based IR service is £3200 per year.
For investors, daaimon offers free access to research reports and IR information via a wide distribution network. Our comprehensive, yet concise initiation reports are aimed at a broad investor base, but focus on the non-institutional investor.


Exhibiting and Presenting, Tuesday

Thruvision Group plc (AIM: THRU) is a specialist provider of people-screening technology. Using patented passive terahertz technology, Thruvision is uniquely capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic threats including weapons, explosives and contraband items that are hidden under clothing, at distances up to 10m. Addressing the growing need for fast, safe and effective security, Thruvision has been vetted and approved by the US Transportation Security Administration. Operationally deployed in 20 countries around the world, Thruvision is used for a range of applications including mass transit and aviation security, facilities and public area protection, customs and border control and supply chain loss prevention. The company has offices near Oxford, in Washington DC, and in Sydney.

MTI Wireless Edge

Exhibiting & Presenting,Tuesday

MTI Wireless Edge Ltd (“MTI”) (AIM:MWE.L) is an international, specialist technology group focused on comprehensive communication and radio frequency solutions across multiple sectors and geographies, serving blue chip clients.
The Company operates through three distinct divisions:
• Antenna Division (Current Group Revenue contribution: 30%)
MTI is a world leader in the design, development and production of high quality, state-of-the-art, cost-effective antenna solutions for wireless applications, supplying both military and commercial markets. MTI continues to invest in the commercialisation of 5G backhaul solutions which are expected to drive sales growth as mobile phone operators roll out their 5G networks globally. 5G represents a truly transformational growth opportunity for the Company.
• Water Control & Management Division (Current Group Revenue contribution: 40%)
MTI provides high-end remote control solutions for water and irrigation applications, based on Motorola’s IRRInet state-of-the-art control, monitoring and communication technologies integrated into MTI’s control and management software, serving its customers worldwide to ensure constant, reliable and accurate water usage, while reducing operational and maintenance costs.
• Distribution & Professional Consulting Services Division (Current Group Revenue contribution: 30%)
MTI offers consulting, representation, marketing and engineering services in the field of RF and Microwave solutions.

The Company’s order book across all divisions is growing and it delivered significant growth in revenue and profitability over the past four years, converting this growth into operating cash flow allowing the company to steadily pay dividends (in each of the last eight years). MTI has a track record of successful profit enhancing acquisitions – having made four since 2013.

Surface Transforms

Exhibiting & Presenting, Wednesday

Surface Transforms is a British manufacturer of carbon fibre reinforced ceramic disc brakes for high performance cars. This type of brake disc saves significant weight (up to 5% of vehicle weight), provides consistent brake performance, does not rust, reduces pad dust on wheels and lasts the life of the vehicle. The product has been adopted by, virtually all, high-performance car manufacturers.

Surface Transforms is one of of only two companies in the world with the technology and expertise to supply to these demanding customers. The sole (previously monopolistic) competitor has sales of ~£150m and when, inevitably, all high performance cars fit carbon ceramic brakes as standard (replacing the current iron discs) the market would reach £2bn.

The Company has been developing the technology for over ten years to achieve the demanding requirements of major car companies but the last fifteen months have transformational with significant contract awards from “household name” car companies.

Surface Transforms now has multi year, multi million revenue contracts that will lead to profitability in 2022


Exhibiting & Presenting, Tuesday

LiDCO is a supplier of hemodynamic monitoring equipment to hospitals. Its products are used principally in the treatment of high-risk patients in both critical care units and in the operating theatre. They monitor the amount of blood flowing around the body helping clinicians to ensure that vital organs are kept adequately perfused with oxygenated blood by the adjustment of supportive fluid and drugs.

Clinical studies show that the optimisation of the hemodynamic status of high-risk patients produces better outcomes. LiDCO’s computer-based technology is proven to significantly reduce mortality, complications, length of stay and the overall costs associated with major surgery. With few competitors, there is a large and growing market. Once installed LiDCO’s monitors generate high recurring revenues. LiDCO has established itself as a leading-edge innovator in the hemodynamic monitoring market which the Company believes is a potential $2 billion market opportunity.

In 2017, LiDCO launched a disruptive SaaS business model in order to gain share outside of its home UK market, where it enjoys 60% market share. The Group has invested significantly in its commercial operations, ensuring that it has the resources to expand its product sales into the many countries where adoption of advanced hemodynamic monitoring is now occurring. Combined with new product launches and the introduction of the new business model, it is well placed to exploit the large number of opportunities globally.

As LiDCO continues to win large contracts, it is transitioning the business towards multi-year software license contracts, providing good visibility of revenues alongside strong cash generation.

Inspired Energy

Presenting & Exhibiting, Wednesday

Inspired Energy (AIM:INSE) is a leading energy consultant to UK and Irish corporates.

As the leading utilities Third Party Intermediary (TPI) in the UK, our mission is to optimise the value of every pound spent on utilities by our clients through our innovation and dedication to client service, so our clients can focus on the growth of their business.

From negotiating best-in-class electricity, gas and water supply contracts to complying with the latest carbon legislation, Inspired remains the go to consultancy for advisory services in the energy consultancy space.

Inspired has delivered strong growth through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.  Our established acquisition strategy has delivered strong results, as demonstrated by the success achieved from the value enhancing acquisitions made in 2018, 2019 and the year to date.

Having established a strong and scalable platform for expansion, we have a clear strategy that will enable us to continue to build on the growth of the Group. We achieve this through four primary service lines:

Procurement: supporting clients with the selection of the best energy supply contracts.

Energy Accounting: supporting clients with the validation of their energy invoices and accounting processes.

Compliance: supporting clients with their compliance obligations with respect to energy and environmental reporting.

Optimisation Services: supporting clients to increase the effectiveness of their energy consumption.

As the largest energy procurement consultant in the UK, we continue to benefit from a highly fragmented market with attractive dynamics for acquisitive growth, which we expect to continue into 2020.

Universe Group plc

Presenting, Wednesday Universe Group is an innovative British and Irish fintech developer of retail management solutions, payment and loyalty systems. It creates its own software IP and uses that to provide cloud based services to major international petrol forecourt and convenience store retailers. The Group's solutions are offered out of the cloud on a software as a service model with its data centers processing over 6 billion transactions every year.

Verditek plc

Presenting, Tuesday

Location Sciences

Exhibiting & Presenting, both days

Verify was born from an industry-wide problem: ad-fraud.
Location Sciences is the pre-eminent global location verification provider to the $160 billion digital advertising industry. Working in partnership with brands, media agencies and suppliers to reduce ad-wastage and improve the effectiveness of location-based advertising campaigns.
As it stands, the digital advertising marketplace remains unregulated and un-monitored, with an estimated $19 billion wasted on ad-fraud in 2018. Location Sciences has developed Verify, the world’s first independent location verification product. Using sophisticated machine learning and pattern recognition technologies, Verify detects location ad-fraud and shines a light on location data inaccuracy with the aim of bringing back integrity, transparency and trust to the marketplace.
Location signal quality is the biggest challenge to the $160 billion mobile advertising market. With new GDPR and CCPA laws putting further pressure onto location data, high quality signals are harder than ever to come across. GPS, the most valuable of signals, is being replaced with poor-quality IP signals. This leads to huge monetary losses for marketers. On average 65% of advertising budgets are being wasted on poor-quality and mistargeted location data. Our Verify platform allows marketers to track their location data in a way that was not previously possible.

In their presentation, Location Sciences reveals more crucial insights from their report ‘The state of location advertising’ and delves into the types of fraud occurring regularly. They will also discuss the ways that verify can add value to a market in desperate need of transparency, and lets the audience in on their plans to expand with their new Monte-Carlo distribution model.

Polar Capital

Exhibiting and Presenting Polar Capital is the investment manager for three investment trusts: Polar Capital Technology Trust plc (PCT) Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust plc (PCGH) Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc (PCFT) Polar Capital Technology Trust plc provides investors with access to the potential of companies in the global technology sector. Managed by a team of dedicated technology specialists, PCT has grown to become a leading European investor with a multi-cycle track record – a result of the managers’ approach to investing, with the ability to spot developing technology trends early on and to invest in those companies best placed to exploit them.

WH Ireland

Exhibiting, Tuesday WHIreland’s Investor Forum enables professional investors to build partnerships with unquoted growth companies looking for capital through private placements of equity and debt. WHIreland Corporate & Institutional Broking advise growth companies and actively encourage the development of key partnerships between these companies and potential investors. We provide professional investors with direct access to investment opportunities. There is no charge to investors for this service, nor minimum capital commitment. Investors will have the ability to register interest for further information, from a professionally sourced and diverse range of investment opportunities in UK companies looking for early stage finance.

Belvoir Group plc

Exhibiting & Presenting Tuesday, Presenting Wednesday

Founded in 1995 and listed on AIM in 2012, Belvoir Group (BLV:AIM) is the UK’s largest property franchise, specialising in residential lettings, property sales and property-related financial services.
The Group’s multi-brand strategy, launched in 2015, has seen the Group grow to a network of 372 businesses across four brands, managing over 64,650 properties. The diversification into financial services through the acquisition of Brook Financial Services in 2017 and MAB (Gloucester) in 2018, means the Group now operates through two channels: a network of property franchisees and a network of financial advisers.
At franchisee level, Belvoir continues to drive consolidation within the UK property sector through its assisted acquisitions programme, which proactively identifies suitable bolt-on lettings businesses for its franchisees, while providing optional funding and support. The programme saw 26 assisted acquisitions completed in 2018 alone, adding £6.9m of additional franchisee revenue.
The Group benefits from a strong lettings base, reflected in gross profit ratio of 66% lettings: 15% sales: 19% financial services, which provides ongoing financial stability in a cyclical property market. Thanks to the diversified revenue stream, the Group has continued to outperform the markets in which it operates, marking 22 years’ of uninterrupted profit growth. In 2018 it reported revenue of £13.7m and a dividend of 7.2p for the year, representing a healthy yield of 6.1%.
Belvoir’s proven track record in delivering growth is built around a business model of supporting networks of entrepreneurial business owners. This is underpinned by a significant bias towards lettings, providing a recurring revenue stream, and sound business ethics. The Group’s capital allocation policy provides a reliable dividend with attractive yield for investors, whilst retaining funding for the group’s growth strategy.

OPM plc

Exhibiting & Presenting Wednesday

1pm plc is a non-bank, speciality finance group, providing Asset, Vehicle, Loan and Invoice Finance to predominantly smaller UK SMEs and consumers. The group operates a flexible “hybrid” model of being both a lender and a broker. All lending on the group’s balance sheet is to UK SME businesses that meet the group’s credit criteria. All consumer and Vehicle finance deals are broked-on to other lenders. 1pm operates from six UK sites, employs 190 people and, in the financial year ended 31 May 2019, reported revenue of £31.8m, profit before tax and exceptional items of £8.1m and generated a return on net tangible assets of 24%. The groups lending portfolio stood at circa £140m and £160m of new business was originated during the year. Following completion of the recent buy-and-build strategy to establish the multi-product offering, the group is now embarking on its next phase of growth through to 2024 with the aspiration of becoming the non-bank speciality finance provider of choice for smaller businesses in the UK. A progressive dividend policy is in place. The group’s executive directors, Ian Smith (CEO), Ed Rimmer (COO) and James Roberts (CFO) will attend the exhibition stand and 1pm presentation during the event.

The Fulham Shore plc

Presenting, Wednesday The Fulham Shore owns and operates the ‘Franco Manca’ and ‘The Real Greek’ restaurant brands. The Company has 67 trading restaurants across the UK and was admitted to AIM in October 2014. The Group aims to grow shareholder value by purchasing restaurants investments and increasing the number of restaurant sites. All the while improving the offerings and ensuring quality and value for customers. The Real Greek Since its foundation in London in 1999, The Real Greek group has grown steadily, now offering modern Greek cuisine all across London and Southern England. The Real Greek food centres on the delicious, healthy diet of the Eastern Mediterranean, staying true to the Greek ethos of food, family and friends. Dishes are created using premium ingredients sourced from Greece and Cyprus whenever possible, and developed by Tonia Buxton, the face of Greek food in the UK. Franco Manca Franco Manca opened its first restaurant in 2008 and now has over 50 restaurants, primarily in London, but with recent openings in Manchester, Edinburgh and Leeds. Franco Manca also has a franchised pizzeria on the island of Salina in Italy. Franco Manca's pizza is made from slow-rising sourdough and is baked in an oven that produces high heat. The slow levitation and blast cooking process lock in the flour's natural aroma and moisture, giving a soft and easily digestible crust. Where possible, locally sourced and organic ingredients are used.

Kape Technologies plc

Presenting, Tuesday & Wednesday

Kape is a leading ‘privacy-first’ digital security software provider to consumers. Through its range of privacy and security products, Kape focusses on protecting consumers and their personal data as they go about their daily digital lives.
To date, Kape has over 1 million paying subscribers, supported by a team of over 300 people across eight locations worldwide. Kape has a proven track record of revenue and EBITDA growth, underpinned by a strong business model which leverages our digital marketing expertise.
Through our subscription-based platform, Kape has fast established a highly scalable SaaS-based operating model, geared towards capitalising on the vast global consumer digital privacy market.
Kape recently reported strong results for the six months ended 30 June 2019 in which the company delivered a 24.2% increase in revenue to $29.9 million, of which $21.2 million is recurring, and Adjusted EBITDA of $5.8 million, an increase of 21.3%.
Kape continues to pursue a number of significant long-term growth opportunities, which include:
• High-growth target market: capturing a larger piece of the consumer digital privacy segment;
• R&D capabilities: leveraging these and continuing to invest to ensure Kape’s products remain at the forefront of the market;
• Proprietary digital distribution and online marketing expertise: helping maximise our product sales; and
• Strong business model: giving us the ability to generate high-quality recurring revenues by growing our user base and bettering our user retention.
Management therefore remains confident in delivering year on year growth for the current financial year, in line with market expectations.

Creighton's plc

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday The Creightons plc group is made up of brands and companies specialising in the creation of high quality personal care and beauty products for the consumer markets. Our reputation for exceptional customer service every step of the way and consistently leading the way forward in full service product development and manufacturing means Creightons are not only leading the way; it is setting the benchmarks. The business operates three key divisions; Contract Manufacturing, Private Label direct to retailers and Brands we develop and own. Customers range from prestige fragrance and skincare brands through to major national and international high street, drugstore and discount retailers. The majority of the Group’s products are sold in the UK market although with increasing volumes being direct to retailers in multiple overseas markets. Key category competencies include Skincare, Haircare, Fine Fragrance, Bath + Body, Baby toiletries, Male Grooming and Self Tan. Many of our branded and private label products are multi-award winning and consistently achieve 5 star reviews. Keeping the consumer at the core of everything we do, our objective is to continue expanding bricks and mortar growth with key winning retailers globally, investing in digital, direct to consumer, online sales channels and expanding our brand portfolio with products and ranges which are focused on well-being. Our 420 strong team operates from two locations in the UK; Peterborough and Devon. Each business division uses central creative, sourcing, planning, finance and administration operations based in Peterborough. Sales, R+D, manufacturing and logistics are operated at both sites. Each division is focused on proactive sales and product development.

Inspiration Healthcare

Presenting & Exhibiting Tuesday

Inspiration Healthcare Group plc is a global supplier of medical technology for critical care, operating theatre and home healthcare applications. Our mission is to provide high quality innovative products to patients and caregivers around the world that help to improve patient outcomes and efficiencies of healthcare organisations with patient focused customer service and technical support.

Our own brand of critical care solutions span non-invasive respiratory management, thermoregulation for newborns through to patient warming for in the operating theatre, whilst our distribution business in the UK and Ireland also supplies solutions to support specialised surgical procedures and infusion therapies.

Recently we acquired Vio Holdings Ltd, a Sussex based manufacturer of neonatal respiratory devices for a total consideration of £4m, strengthening our position in the respiratory management of premature and sick babies.

Franchise Brands

Presenting & Exhibiting Wednesday Franchise Brands plc (AIM: FRAN) is a multi-brand franchisor with a combined network of over 450 franchisees in 12 countries across four franchise brands. Franchise Brands was co-founded by Stephen Hemsley (Executive Chairman) and Nigel Wray (Non-executive Director) in 2008. Their vision was to create a group of market-leading franchise businesses that benefit from sharing the same support services. Currently the Group has four principal franchise brands; Metro Rod, ChipsAway, Ovenclean and Barking Mad. In October 2019, Franchise Brands acquired Willow Pumps to complement and expand Metro Rod’s drainage and plumbing businesses. Metro Rod and Willow Pumps provide services to commercial customers and ChipsAway, Ovenclean and Barking Mad are B2C brands. In August 2016 Franchise Brands was admitted to AIM at a market capitalisation of £15.6m. The Group has made three acquisitions since then including the transformational acquisition of Metro Rod in 2017. Franchise Brands has a highly experienced Board and senior management team who have considerable experience in operating and growing profitable franchise businesses and who are also significant shareholders in the business (68.3%). Franchise Brands is profitable, cash generative and has a progressive dividend policy. In the six months ended 30 June 2019, the Group reported an increase in adjusted EBITDA of 25% to £2.5m (H1 2018: £2.0m) and an increase in adjusted EPS of 22% to 2.06p (H1 2018: 1.69p).

Primary Bid

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday & Wednesday PrimaryBid is an FCA regulated fully digitised platform allowing quoted companies to connect with everyday investors during share issuances. Quoted companies want to engage their private investor shareholders as represents better corporate governance and improves long term trading liquidity and visibility. However, the lack of an efficient method to do so has meant private investors typically miss out on such offerings and they are usually only available to institutional investors. PrimaryBid’s unique platform solves the issue by automating the aggregation of retail demand, seamlessly connecting active private investors to the companies raising capital.


Exhibiting, Wednesday ADVFN provides comprehensive stock market information to the private investor retail market. Accessible via website, smart phone and tablet, the website caters for the sophisticated investor by offering real time share prices, free streaming share charts, RNS news feeds, portfolio management, monitor lists, order book data in Level 2 and the most active financial bulletin board in the UK. Established in 1999, ADVFN floated on the AIM market in March 2000. ADVFN has made key strategic investments to help maintain its longevity. In September 2006, ADVFN acquired - an online investment community website in the North American market. In July 2009, ADVFN bought All IPO, a FCA regulated firm, together with two brokerages; TSCTrade and Throgmorton Street Capital. ADVFN continues to give private investors tools and information previously reserved for professional traders, and it is seen as the investor’s gateway to the global financial market place.

Strix Group plc

Presenting, Tuesday

Isle of Man based Strix, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of kettle safety controls and other components and devices involving water heating and temperature control, steam management and water filtration.
Strix’s core product range comprises a variety of safety controls for small domestic appliances, primarily kettles. Kettle safety controls require precision engineering and intricate knowledge of material properties in order to repeatedly function correctly. Strix has built up market leading capability and know-how in this field since being founded in 1982.
Strix is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: KETL).

PCF Bank plc

Presenting, Tuesday

Established in 1994, PCF Group plc is the AIM-listed parent of specialist bank, PCF Bank Limited. Since commencing operations as a bank in 2017, the Group has increased its lending portfolio significantly, targeting an initial portfolio of £350 million by 2020 and growing to a £1 billion portfolio in three years. The Group will retain its focus on portfolio quality, lending increasingly to the prime segment of its existing finance markets. The Group has also diversified its lending products and asset classes through acquisition and by setting up new organic operations.

PCF Bank currently offers retail savings products for individuals and then deploys those funds through its four lending divisions:
• Business Finance which provides finance for vehicles, plant and equipment to SMEs;
• Consumer Finance which provides finance for motor vehicles to consumers;
• Azule Limited which provides finance to the broadcast and media industry; and
• Bridging Property Finance which provides loans to companies and sole traders investing in residential property

PCF Bank has recently announced its lending portfolio has grown to £338 million, close to its £350 million target a year ahead of schedule. In the past 12 months, PCF has raised £10.75 million of new equity and agreed a £15 million Tier 2 capital facility, putting the foundations in place for its ambitious growth plans.

Open Orphan plc

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday

Open Orphan (ORPH:AIM) completed its IPO on the 28 June 2019 via reverse takeover of Venn Life Sciences and is listed on both the London AIM stock exchange and the Dublin Euronext growth exchange. The new management team has a track record of building successful business and Open Orphan plans to expand by acquiring a number of small European pharma services companies which in tandem developing one of Europe’s largest rare disease genomic databanks with the Open Orphan Health Data platform. Furthermore, Open Orphan is bringing its digital Virtual Rep platform services to pharma companies and in turn allowing large pharma companies to benefit from the digital world. Open Orphan CEO Cathal Friel was also the co-founder and remains one of the largest shareholders in Amryt Pharma plc which is currently in the process of moving from a £50m to c. $300m market cap over the coming month having acquired Aegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc, a North American company which had $130m proforma sales revenues in 2018. Maurice Treacy, Chief Commercial Officer had been co-founder of Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI) which some months following a $400m fund raise was sold to WuXi Nextcode in November 2018, just four years since it was established for an undisclosed sum.

Horizonte Minerals

Presenting, Wednesday

Horizonte Minerals plc (AIM/TSX) is a nickel development company focused in Brazil, which wholly owns the advanced Araguaia ferronickel project and the Vermelho nickel-cobalt project, located to the south of the Carajás Mining District.

The Company has a strong institutional shareholder structure, including Teck Resources Limited, Canaccord Genuity Group, Richard Griffiths, Lombard Odier Asset Management (Europe) Limited, JP Morgan, Hargreaves Lansdown and Glencore, demonstrating that institutions recognise the true potential of the assets.
Horizonte is developing its 100% owned Araguaia Nickel Project as Brazil’s next major ferronickel mine, with targeted production by 2022. Araguaia is a Tier 1 mining project with a high-grade scalable resource, located south of the Carajás Mining District in the Pará State, north east Brazil. The area has well-developed infrastructure, including roads, rail and hydroelectric power as a result of the mining activity in Carajás.

A $25M royalty agreement with Orion Mine Finance entered into in August 2019 provides the initial capital investment to commence the early works program and to advance Araguaia to construction.

The Group also owns 100% of the Vermelho Nickel-Cobalt project. Vermelho is a high-grade scalable resource, located in the Carajás Mining District. The area has well-developed infrastructure, including roads, rail and hydroelectric power. Horizonte released a Pre-Feasibility Study, in late 2019, looking at a smaller operational scenario with lower capital costs. The study confirmed Vermelho as a Tier 1 project with a large high-grade resource, a long mine life and a low-cost source of nickel sulphate for the battery industry.

RBG Holdings plc

Presenting, Wednesday RBG Holdings plc (formerly Rosenblatt Group plc) is a professional services group. The Group is headed by CEO, Nicola Foulston who was appointed in September 2016 to take over the commercial management of the law firm, Rosenblatt. She transformed the firm in readiness for a listing on AIM in May 2018 at a valuation of over £70m. Since then, Nicky has worked on growing the Group, including diversifying the business away from a reliance on legal revenues to a broader provider of professional services, through organic growth and selective M&A. The Group includes one of the UK's leading law firms, Rosenblatt Limited, which is a leader in dispute resolution. Rosenblatt provides a range of legal services to its diversified client base, which includes companies, banks, entrepreneurs and individuals. Complementing this is the Company’s increasingly international footprint, advising on complex cross-jurisdictional matters. Rosenblatt’s practice areas include dispute resolution, corporate, banking and finance, insolvency and financial restructuring, construction and projects, employment, financial services, IP/technology/media, real estate, regulatory and tax resolution. The business recently established a new White Collar Fraud & Financial Crime division. The Group also provides litigation finance in selected cases through a separate arm utilising Rosenblatt’s considerable litigation expertise. Finally, the Group also recently acquired Convex Capital Limited, a specialist sell-side corporate finance boutique, based in Manchester, UK. Convex is entirely focussed on helping companies, particularly owner-managed and entrepreneurial businesses, realise their value through sales to large corporates. Convex proactively targets firms that it believes represent attractive acquisition opportunities.

E-Therapeutics plc

Presenting & Exhibiting, Wednesday e-Therapeutics (ETX.L) is an Oxford (UK) company, with a unique and powerful computer-based drug discovery platform founded on our world-leading expertise in network biology. We have created two proprietary, unique and productive technology platforms. The first is our Network-Driven Drug Discovery ("NDD") platform, which is based on sophisticated network science and employs techniques such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis tools. NDD enables discovery of new drugs in a more efficient way and has been validated in multiple and diverse areas of biology. The second is our Genome Associated Interaction Networks ("GAINs") platform. GAINs is a revolutionary and entirely novel approach to functional genomics, based on the principles of our validated NDD technologies. GAINs analyses human genetic data to allow a deep and valuable understanding about the mechanisms that cause disease. GAINs has the potential to uncover unrecognised disease processes and pathways to enable the discovery of novel drugs, diagnostics and biomarkers in a way not previously possible from population genomics data. We use our highly productive drug discovery engine to develop our own IP-protected, pre-clinical drug discovery programmes. We are currently developing two programmes in immuno-oncology and have several partner-ready projects in fibrosis and the tumour microenvironment. We have NDD-derived commercial partnerships with Novo Nordisk in Type-2 diabetes and a global top 5 pharmaceutical company in neurodegeneration. We announced our first GAINs commercial deal with Novo Nordisk in the area of Type-2 diabetes. We are working on multiple collaborative partnerships with bio-pharma in areas of mutual interest.

Minds + Machines Group Limited

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE: MMX) is the owner of a world class portfolio of 32 ICANN approved top-level domains (gTLDs). Our growth strategy is based on organic growth, innovation and selective acquisition. MMX’s revenues are generated through the online sale and renewal of names within our gTLDs via registrars (the industry’s retail channel) and the negotiated sale of high-value names via brokers. When new management took over in 2016, it deliberately relied heavily on brokered trades, combined with a full restructuring, to rapidly bring the business to maiden operating profitability in H1 2016. It was done in the knowledge that in the long-term automated channel sales, and in particular renewals through the channel, should drive profitability, which today they do. In H1 2019, renewal revenues alone covered 97% of all operating costs, and account for 68% of total revenue. By contrast, in H1 2016 renewal revenues were just 25% of operating revenues with one-off sales accounting for 58%. The transformation in revenue mix over the three years now means the has a highly predictable revenue profile, the business delivering maiden net earnings ($1.7m) from operating revenues of $8.9m in H1 2019. Management is likewise committed to creating new revenue horizons from its existing portfolio through innovation – its first two innovation projects being an initiative to create a common name approach across blockchains, the second being a brand protection product. For more information on MMX and its activities, please visit

Billington Holdings plc

Presenting, Wednesday Billington Holdings Plc (AIM:BILN) is a leading UK-based Group of companies focused on its structural steel and engineering activities throughout the UK and European markets. The diversity of our portfolio demonstrates our ability to tackle and execute projects with an innovative and professional team. The Billington Group consists of: Billington Structures Ltd is one of the UK’s leading structural steelwork contractors, offering a professional service for over 70 years. Our experienced workforce can tackle projects from simple building frames to the most complex structures in excess of 12,000 tonnes. Shafton Steel Services is a state-of-the-art steel processing and profiling facility based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. hoard-it Ltd is an on-ground, reusable and eco-friendly site hoarding system with exceptional sustainability credentials. Our hoarding solution ensures rapid and safe installation which can also be fully printed to suit your individual branding requirements. Peter Marshall Steel Stairs Ltd is a specialist company principally engaged in the design, fabrication and installation of highly engineered steelwork, staircases and balustrade systems. Tubecon is one of the UK’s leading structural steel fabricators specialising in Architecturally Exposed Structural Steelwork (AESS) and other complex structures work for the UK Construction and Rail Infrastructure markets. easi-edge Ltd is a leading on-site safety solutions company, providing products that protect perimeter edges, internal voids, roofs, stairs, lift shafts and loading bays. We have developed significant products to make a safer site environment. All the Group companies have experienced a strong start to the year and it has been a good first half for the Company, resulting in revenues increasing by 19.7 per cent to £47.15 million for the period.

Gold Wealth Management

Senior Partner Practice of St. James's Place
Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday

Planning for a secure future whether for yourself, your family or your business is one of the most important steps you will ever take. It is useful to regularly review your financial situation to take advantage of any developments in legislation and tax law or changes in your circumstances, such as starting a family, changing jobs or managing an inheritance.

Gold Wealth Management Limited is a Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place. We provide a personalised wealth management service by working together with our clients helping them secure the financial future they are looking for. Through careful planning and drawing from our many years of experience in this field, we can work towards satisfying all your financial goals. The comprehensive wealth management advice service we offer broadly covers:

  • Preserving and building capital
  • Planning for a successful retirement
  • Reducing inheritance tax liability
  • Gaining financial protection against risk
  • Later life planning

We recognise that no single investment house has a monopoly on investment expertise, which is why we provide access to a carefully selected group of external managers of outstanding ability to manage our range of funds. The external fund managers are selected and closely monitored by our Investment Committee on behalf of our clients.

With the ‘Guaranteed’ advice and our ‘Best of Breed’ approach at St. James’s Place Wealth Management, we are able to offer a complete service to clients in all aspects of financial planning.

Stanbridge Family Office

Wednesday For those who have acquired wealth, often by years of personal endeavour, the preservation of that wealth and its investment for the future is always of primary concern. Stanbridge Family Office aims to support these objectives by providing tailored independent financial advice to individuals and their families using our extensive knowledge of a wide range of investments and tax structures to meet the needs of our clients. Stanbridge Family Office has added an FCA authorised service in collaboration with Clear Solutions, an established award-winning and truly independent advisory service. The UK financial environment for individuals has become increasingly complex and, for most people, concern for their personal finances and future financial planning is now more important than ever. There are now a number of important considerations to take into account for all the main personal financial decisions we face today. These include tax, investment and inheritance issues which, combined with most individuals not having the time to review their own financial arrangements, mean that having independent and objective professional financial advice is very important.

Ideagen plc

Presenting, Wednesday Ideagen is a UK-headquartered, global technology company quoted on the London Stock Exchange AIM market (Ticker: IDEA.L). The Group provides software and services to organisations operating within highly regulated industries such as aviation, banking and finance, life science, healthcare and manufacturing with its main operational premises spread throughout the UK, EU, US, UAE and SE Asia. With an excellent portfolio of software products including Q-Pulse, Coruson, Pentana Audit, Pentana Risk and PleaseReview, Ideagen helps its clients reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, strengthen compliance and oversight and anticipate and manage every detail of risk. Currently, more than 5,000 organisations use Ideagen's products including seven of the top 10 UK accounting firms, all of the top aerospace and defence companies and 75% of the world's leading pharmaceutical firms. Ideagen's diverse and varied customer base includes many well-known, global brands such as British Airways, Aggreko, BAE, Ryanair, US Navy, KLM, BBVA, Bank of New York, Commerzbank, Meggitt, Heineken, Johnson Matthey, Haeco Group and European Central Bank. As well as this, Ideagen counts 180 hospitals across the UK and US amongst its client base. Ideagen directly employs more than 530 members of staff and touches every continent globally. What sets Ideagen apart? Ownership - UK AIM public listed company - Ideagen PLC - IDEA Accreditations - ISO 9001:2015; 14001 & 27001 certified Employees - Over 530 employees and a global Partner Network Customers - 5,000 companies using the Ideagen suite of products globally Support - Based in the UK, US and Asia, we provide 24/7 support 1993 - Year of formation’

VFS Legal

Exhibiting, Tuesday & Wednesday VFS is a niche funder to the legal sector. In 8 years VFS has provided £125 million of funding to over 100 firms. Management accounts to June 2019 show a portfolio of c.£42.5m; sales of £5.67m; profit after tax of £760k and shareholder funds approaching £4m. VFS are not a litigation funder relying on the success of the case to make a return. VFS are a B2B funder providing cash flow to Law Firms through a purchase of receivables. The funding enables the firm to spread external disbursements incurred in running a case and then releasing some of their WIP once the case has been won, (think invoice discounting). Interest is paid monthly by the firm; VFS making it’s profit through a running margin and fees. Security for our funding is the law firm together with an assignment of the receivables purchased, (the ATE insurance in the event the case loses and the defendant who is paying the claim when the case is successful). VFS purchases the receivables through a £40m wholesale funding line; mezzanine debt (comprised of loan notes) and it’s own balance sheet. The mezzanine is raised through investor loan notes with over £10m across c.70 notes; interest and redemptions always paid on time. Due to the business opportunities that are emerging and to ensure the company is well positioned, VFS are seeking to raise further monies via new loan notes, giving the opportunity for Mello investors to participate in a proven, secure, short term loan note paying an 8.0% coupon, redeemable on June 30th 2020. A proven track record; a strong return on a short term investment in these times of economic uncertainty.

Digitalbox plc

Presenting, Tuesday Based in Bath, UK, Digitalbox plc is a 'pure-play' mobile first digital media business which delivers profitable publishing at scale. The Company's operating model has been developed and refined since publishing operations began in 2016. Digitalbox operates two trading brands, “Entertainment Daily” and “The Daily Mash”. Entertainment Daily produces and publishes online UK entertainment news covering TV, showbiz and celebrity news. Entertainment Daily currently averages over 3 million unique users per month, with 13 million monthly UK sessions. In March 2019, Digitalbox acquired leading online satirical website, The Daily Mash. The Daily Mash currently has approaching 5 million visits per month, and more than 900,000 Facebook followers Digitalbox generates revenue from the sale of advertising in and around the content it publishes. The Company's optimisation for mobile enables it to achieve revenues per session significantly ahead of market norms for publishers.

Progressive Equity Research

Exhibiting on both days, Progressive works with a range of companies across all sectors of the market, producing high quality equity research to help management teams explain their businesses to a broad range of investors – Institutional, Wealth Manager and Retail. FCA authorised and regulated, their 15 strong team of analysts are all experienced sector specialists, well known to the investment community. Their product (unlike that of most brokers) is freely available to all segments of the market, and their clients enjoy the ability to publish their research on their own websites, often accompanying videos, presentations and other content. To sign up to receive copies of their free research covering a broad range of sectors, or to be kept informed about their regular opportunities to meet with company management, please contact Emily Ritchie:

Chaarat Gold Holdings

Presenting, Tuesday Chaarat Gold Holdings Limited is an AIM-quoted gold mining company which owns the Kapan operating mine in Armenia as well as the Tulkubash and the Kyzyltash Gold Projects in the Kyrgyz Republic. The Company has a clear strategy to build a leading emerging markets gold company with an initial focus on Central Asia and the FSU through organic growth and selective M&A. Chaarat aims to create value for its shareholders, employees and communities from its high-quality gold and mineral deposits by building relationships based on trust and operating to the best environmental, social and employment standards.

Internet Mobile Communications

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC) was incorporated in 2012. Initially funded by a £70,000 investment we grew fast, doubling profitable revenues each year for the last five years to over £60m in 2019 with an EBITDA of £3m. Today IMC works with 1250 contracted international operators and SMS providers in 132 countries from our offices around the World. We trade as ‘Bank of Telecom’ offering a unique blend of fintech and telecom services through our unique automatic international trading service that settles trades to 170 countries in over 130 currencies in under 2 hours via our API and strategic partnership with Western Union. We are the wholesale market of choice. Each month over 30 organisations join us and we trade in English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese through our culturally diverse experienced international sales team. Our subsidiary in Malta provides cheap efficient regulated settlement for Bank of Telecom members using blockchain, the currency being our BOTCoin each one of which is always worth US$1. This year IMC was awarded ‘World’s Best Value Added International Telecommunications Service Provider of the Year 2019’ and was ranked 23rd in the Sunday Times – Hiscox Tech Track with annual revenue growth averaging 122%. Unsurprisingly IMC shares have doubled annually for three years in a row, with trading sessions two or three times each year, and the Company pays a dividend of 20% of net profit. Some existing shares are available at 80p, a multiple of 11x EBITDA for the year that ended 30 June 2019.

Newmark Security PLC

Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday Newmark Security PLC is a group engaged in the design, manufacture and supply of products and security of assets, data and personnel. Operating through two established and wholly owned subsidiaries, Grosvenor Technology and Safetell, they were listed on AIM in 1997. Grosvenor Technology has been providing state of the art access control and HCM systems to clients across the globe for 30 years. With their unique ClaaS offering it is possible to choose any HCM terminal, bundled with their GT Services, and enjoy a lifetime warranty and one low cost-monthly fee. Safetell is a physical security solution and service provider that has been offering protection and maintenance for organisations and businesses for over 30 years.

Behind the Balance Sheet

Presenting & Exhibiting, Wednesday Steve Clapham is the founder of Behind the Balance Sheet (, the premier investment training consultancy. The company runs Forensic Accounting Courses for leading institutions like Schroders, Hermes and Baillie Gifford – since its first course in June 2018, over 150 investment professionals have been through the programme. More recently, courses have been made available to private investors, both in-person at its City training academy and online ( After launching a programme for a leading wealth manager delivered in person, online and via webinar, in 2020 the company will launch an in-depth course for private investors. Titled “Want to become an Analyst?”, the programme will last one year, and will take retail investors from the basics to a level where they have a real understanding of company accounts and analysis.

IG group

Presenting Wednesday IG group are the global leader in CFDs and Spreadbetting. With operations in 16 countries, spanning 5 continents, we empower informed, decisive, adventurous people to access opportunities in financial markets. While our original offering is leveraged trading, we have expanded our horizons and now offer a suite of non-leveraged stock trading and wealth management products. This includes Stockbroking, ISA’s, SIPPs and Smart Portfolios for our UK clients. Our new product range allows us to suit a broad range of risk appetites and investment objectives throughout our client’s lifetime. Our clients are able to access over 16,000 global financial markets – including stocks, forex, indices, commodities and other instruments – via market-leading platforms and apps that provide efficient, secure execution. Our well-capitalised, debt-free balance sheet, ensures our clients feel safe and secure to trade with IG and are proof of our stability through turbulent times. Chris, Gavin & Sara are Premium Client Managers at IG, tasked with looking after high net worth individuals and the most active trading clients. They are specialised in trading directly in the markets, specifically being able to source volume in small cap illiquid stocks and finessing orders to achieve the best fills in the market. Between them, they have nearly fifty years of experience in the margin leveraged industry and so should be able to answer most questions that come their way!


Presenting & Exhibiting, Wednesday ElizabethDbakes Ltd was set up in 2017 and has already established itself as one of the leading creators of “free from” cakes in the UK. EDB has won 3 Great Taste awards for their unique vegan and gluten-free creations and is a top seller at the prestigious Wholefoods chain in London. The company has recently signed with leading contract catering companies Compass and Sodexo and supplies to iconic venues including the Glyndebourne Opera House and the Royal Academy. Currently embarking on their first equity fundraise, EDB has significant plans for growth in 2020 across both retail and food service.


Presenting & Exhibiting both days Crowe UK is a national audit, tax, advisory and risk firm with global reach and local expertise. We are an independent member of Crowe Global, the eighth largest accounting network in the world. With exceptional knowledge of the business environment, our professionals share one commitment, to deliver excellence. We are trusted by thousands of clients for our specialist advice, our ability to make smart decisions and our readiness to provide lasting value. Our broad technical expertise and deep market knowledge means we are well placed to offer insight and pragmatic advice to all the organisations and individuals with whom we work. Close working relationships are at the heart of our effective service delivery

Gresham House

Presenting, Wednesday Gresham House plc is a London Stock Exchange quoted specialist alternative asset management group (GHE.LN) that provides funds, direct investments and tailored investment solutions including co-investment. It focuses on five areas of long-term alternative investment within its two divisions of Strategic Equity and Real Assets. The Group aims to generate superior returns across a range of alternative investment strategies over long-term investment horizons. The investment teams apply their expertise, knowledge and experience to create value for clients and shareholders primarily through strong investment performance alongside growth in assets under management, annual management fees, performance fees, carried interest, profit growth and returns on invested balance sheet capital. Gresham House currently manages investments and co-investments through its FCA regulated investment management platform (Gresham House Asset Management Limited) on behalf of institutions, family offices, charities and endowments and private individuals. As a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, Gresham House is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably and believes its strategy of taking the long view in delivering sustainable investment solutions will continue to be a growing factor in the strength of its market positioning. In particular, our real asset classes of renewables, UK strategic infrastructure and forestry have the potential to help deliver resilience as well as global sustainability goals, while proactive management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations across all our investment types will help to both build and protect value in those assets.


B-North: A disruptive, scalable and highly profitable banking model B-North will disrupt the poorly served £150bn+ SME lending market through 3 core USPs: 1. It will lend up to 10x faster than large incumbents through leading cloud-native technology and regional distribution 2. Its unique decentralised regional model will place core banking functions closer to the customer 3. Distribution will be augmented by the large and fast-growing commercial finance broker channel for which it has developed a unique economic proposition It has assembled a heavyweight board and an impressive, highly experienced and ambitious management team with a track record in gaining new banking licences and scaling SME and retail banking businesses from scratch. The development of B-North’s FinTech enabled lending platform is well advanced - a proprietary blend of leading SaaS technologies (nCino, Mambu, ClearBank etc), saving time, money and providing advanced data capabilities for enhanced decisioning. B-North has accelerated past other applicants in the banking licence process. B-North submitted its bank licence application in September 2019, a step that two-thirds of applicants fail to reach, and expects to receive its licence in circa 6 months. B-North’s will provide structured loan facilities of £0.5m+. Retail deposits provide a vast source of stable low-cost funding. B-North is also looking to secure a £150m loan securitisation facility to support lending from Q2, 2020. Valuation will be driven by rapid profitable growth, with a cost-income ratio below 30% and break-even in Year 3. Market testing indicates that loan origination targets are conservative.

Sabien Technology Group

Presenting & Exhibiting both days Sabien Technology Group is a leading provider of energy reduction technologies to the UK commercial sector. Organisations using gas, oil and LPG to heat space and water can significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions by fitting Sabien’s patented solutions. Sabien customers include some of the UK’s largest corporations and public sector organisations. With customers in the UK and US, Sabien supports the UK government’s commitment a carbon-neutral economy by 2050.

Golden Prospect Precious Metals

Presenting & Exhibiting both days Golden Prospect Precious Metals Limited is a closed-ended investment company incorporated in Guernsey which provides a listed entity whose shares are traded on the London Stock Market for investors to gain exposure to the Company's investment strategy within the gold and precious metals sector. The Company offers investors a risk diversifier for geopolitical risks, but, by investing in small and mid capitalisation precious metal equities, also offers the prospect of capital growth. The precious metals sector is suffering from a sustained period of under investment, which has led to declining production by the largest producers. The Investment Managers believes this will lead to an increase in acquisitions over the next couple of years, supporting higher equity valuations for potential targets. The Company remains weighted to smaller, single asset companies which typically trade at a significant discount to their larger peers and this allows them to be acquired by larger producers on an accretive basis.

The Share Centre

Presenting & Exhibiting both days For over 25 years, The Share Centre's award-winning reputation for plain speaking, fair value and quality research has ensured our place as one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers. As investment experts, managing assets of £4.9 billion1 and more than 350,000 investment accounts, we are passionate about helping more people to enjoy straightforward investing. Voted ‘Best Online Stockbroker’ at the ADVFN International Financial Awards and by Investment Trends for ‘Highest Overall Client Satisfaction’ for five years running; our investor accounts and services are specifically designed to make investing in the stock market easy, whether online, through our App, or by phone. We offer a wide range of investments, including hassle-free ISAs, Share Accounts and Investment Club options, and also provide one of the UK’s leading fund administrator and white-label share dealing services.


Presenting, Tuesday Gfinity (AIM: GFIN) is the first and only UK listed business exclusively focused on the fast growth esports sector. It was created by gamers for gamers and is led by senior management with extensive experience across global sports businesses and brands. Last year it strengthened its management team and refocused on a higher margin strategic client management model. Gfinity’s management team brings extensive experience of leading major businesses and brands. Executive Chairman, Garry Cook, was President of Nike’s “Brand Jordan”, CEO of Manchester City and Head of Global Brand and International Market Development for the UFC. CEO Graham Wallace’s previous roles include CFO and COO at Manchester City FC, Viacom Inc and MTV Networks Europe. Gfinity provides advisory services and designs, develops and delivers experiences and strategies for game publishers, sports rights holders, commercial partners and media companies so they can target the world’s 2.2bn gamers in authentic and innovative ways. Gfinity connects partners with the global esports community delivering on and off-line competitions, content production and partnerships. It has long standing relationships with leading publishers and sports rights holders including EA SPORTS, Activision Blizzard, Premier League, F1 Esports Series and the Forza Racing Championship. Gfinity connects directly with more than 30m competitive gamers per month through its fast-growing owned digital and social platforms: Gfinity esports and RealSport101. All Gfinity services are underpinned by the Company’s proprietary technology platform. For the last two years Gfinity revenues have grown by 80% pa. and it expects to be EBITDA positive in 2021.


Exhibiting, Tuesday Propportunities is an exciting new platform designed for those interested in residential property development & investment . Built by property professionals with many years of experience, propportunities sources and promotes both development and investment opportunities for its members, bringing together a collection of services to provide an extensive resource pool. Their free membership model also provides access to helpful guides, sector news and case studies, along with premium services providing consultancy, project sourcing & management and investment opportunities.


Presenting, Wednesday Paysme’s vision is to become the trusted supplier of digital financial services to underserved SME communities by aggregating mobile payments, banking, insurance, e-commerce, credit cards, pensions, accounting & marketing tools in sector focused apps. The current industry & customer focus includes transport for black cabs & licensed taxis (cab:app), retail for markets & independent traders (Marketti), sport for football & rugby clubs (Fanslive). Paysme has demonstrated product market fit by solving problems every day for SMEs across the UK & Ireland, which has been validated with customer sign ups & recurring revenue. The business has generated over £1.5m in revenue, processed over 1.4 million customer payment transactions worth £43m, has in excess of 11,000 registered taxi drivers on the platform, on-boarded 207 markets & is in active discussions with several major sports stadiums. Derek Stewart is the CEO, founder and largest investor in Paysme having committed over £760k of his own capital. From 2000-10, he was the Co-founder and CEO of BNY Mellon Alternative Investments, which he grew from a start up to managing $2bn of client assets globally. Derek has been in the financial services sector for 35 years with a successful track record investing personally and professionally in a range of funds and businesses. The Board of Directors combines 20+ years financial services and technology experience at major established firms including BNY Mellon, Invesco, Visa, MasterCard, Microsoft, Funding Circle, Virgin Group and PWC.

Fanzine Limited

Exhibiting and Presenting, Tuesday Fanzine Limited is an exciting SportsTech company established in 2016, who have developed a real-time platform, based on trading system technology, driving the development of club-specific football apps & websites. They are successfully capitalising in this high-affinity market, demonstrating tremendous Twitter & Instagram Social following of more than 600k, growing at 15k/week with 50m monthly impressions. Their Apps/Websites have huge fan appeal, by aggregating News, Social, Podcasts, Videos and much more, becoming the one-stop-shop for the discerning fan. It is no surprise that their Apps have now been downloaded in 115 Countries, such is the global appeal of the Premier League. They stand apart from their competitors offering such USPs as:  TheEdgeTM – the Betting system offering a live Odds Checker across 125 bookmakers globally, as well as Stats supporting each Bet Market  Restaurant & Pub guide which is GPS-enabled for the travelling fan, also accessing Hotels & Travel  Chat System connecting fans to both close friends and to Supporters Clubs globally  Email system using @club domains, such as,, Early revenue is currently being monetised through affiliate Betting, Advertising, emails, Merchandising & Travel. With their rich content, these Fanzine Apps are rapidly morphing into B2C platforms offering huge commercial opportunities to its ‘mobile’ audience, of which 61% are 18-34-year-old millennials. Knowing the Fanzine real-time platform has been built to scale into other sports, Cricket and US Sports are already on their roadmap, so it is no surprise that they are already attracting attention from some high-profile Media companies.


Presenting & Exhibiting, Tuesday Innovative, simple-to-use digital solution connecting property professionals and skilled tradespeople to make property maintenance hassle-free. Evo’s smart mobile app helps tenants resolve repair issues fast, while landlords benefit from reliable, predictable, cost-effective service plans. Evo Digital was created as a simple solution for common rental property repair frustrations e.g fitting appointments around renters’ commitments, their limited knowledge of the home and landlords on constant calls, causing delays and avoidable costs. With Evo tenants can report issues, request emergency responses and find key home documents via an intuitive app. Our dashboard (available as a white-label solution for large organisations) allows landlords and agents to track incidents in real-time, view detailed service histories and access files easily. We charge a fixed-price subscription, eliminating surprise costs and providing a reliable 24/7 response, so repairs are quick, easy and transparent for everyone. Landlords already spend £4.5bn a year on repairs; the UK private rental market is predicted to grow to c.7.2m homes by 2025; rent spending is expected to soon overtake mortgage payments. Millennials shoulder the largest rental cost increase and ⅓ believe they’ll never be able to own a home. This 'Generation Rent' have understandably higher expectations of how rental homes should be maintained. We present a digital-first solution to find information, report problems and schedule service appointments. Evo have been providing repairs and services to the private rental market since 2013, generating revenues in excess of £5m completing over 10,000 services.

Research Tree

Research Tree helps investors, research providers and listed companies by improving investor access to quality investment research, leading to a better informed share register and a better informed market. We aggregate research from most of the key city analysts in the small and midcap end of the market and offer research on over 80% of listed UK equities. Our tiered subscription means we cater for Institutions, High Net Worth investors and the wider private investor community. We recently partnered with our sister company, Capital Access Group, in order to help our main stakeholders (investors, companies, research houses and stock exchanges) with corporate access and events, in the same way we are already helping them with research.

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