Mello Awards

Our Annual Investment Awards

The Mello Awards is an annual investor-led event highlighting the best of the year’s investment activity.

The Mello Investor Awards was setup by David Stredder, founder of Mello Events.

Having seen first-hand how conventional ‘City Awards’ did not always reflect the views of the private investor, and typically, private investors not being invited to vote at many of the typical City-style ceremonies, Mello Awards was formed.

The vision for Mello Awards was to be an event with a difference: the nominations would be supplied by the private investor community – as PIs are in a fitting place to understand and recognise:

  • which companies have outperformed and underperformed,
  • which management deserve that special mention and
  • which companies go the extra mile for their investor base.

And, we ensured the process was free of any bias or influence in the results. It would be the investors themselves who decide the outcome…we even invited our investor community to suggest award categories that should be used!

2019 Awards

Nominations are Live!

Do play your part in the Mello Awards 2019 by contributing nominations at the following link. Mello Nominations Form  -the nominations will remain open until midnight 12th April. 

Following that, voting will commence based on the shortlisted nominations, with votes to be cast from 16th April until 11th May 2019.

2018 Awards

These were our first awards, announced in Derby at Mello 2018.

We opened voting on 09 April 2018 and allowed the polling to run over 14 days. Huge take-up for the Mello Awards was seen on Twitter where the link was shared and votes came in very strongly. Many companies contacted their customer and client base to let them know they’d been shortlisted and to encourage voting. After 14 days the outcome was truly staggering.

Unique Entries
Votes Cast!
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