ArchOver is a Peer-to-Peer business lending service, connecting businesses requiring finance with investors seeking a secure and favourable return. To date, it has facilitated over £65 million of funding for UK businesses and delivered Lender returns of up to 10% p.a..

In three years, ArchOver has paid over £3m in interest to Lenders. They offer fixed term investments with a fixed rate of interest. Interest is paid monthly, and there is no fee to lend. As a Lender, you have control over where your money is invested. The ArchOver Innovative Finance ISA is now open for business for Lenders to earn tax-free returns of up to 10% p.a..

ArchOver is a member of the long-established, privately-owned Hampden group, a leading provider of financial and business support services, managing insurance assets and underwriting capacity in excess of £2bn. ArchOver is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Capital is at risk.