Mello London Exhibitors & Presenting Companies

The companies below are confirmed for attendance at Mello London in November. More are always being negotiated and added. This list will be refreshed as and when new companies sign up.

Adept Technology Group Plc


AdEPT Technology Group PLC is an independent provider of managed services for IT, connectivity, unified communications solutions and cloud services to thousands of business customers across the UK. AdEPT offers flexible technical and commercial options for onsite and cloud-based IT, telephony and managed services. The company operates in Fixed Line services segment that provides calls and line rental services and Managed Services that offer data connectivity, hardware services, IP telephony, support and maintenance services. AdEPT is a capital light business model, with high recurring revenues and high free cash flow conversion from EBITDA, some of which is being returned to shareholders via dividends and the balance is re-invested into earnings enhancing acquisitions.

Accrol Group Holdings PLC


Accrol is a leading converter and supplier of toilet rolls, kitchen towels and facial tissues, as well as other tissue products, to major discounters and grocery retailers throughout the UK. We have ten state of the art converting lines in operation across three sites, with a further three acting as a contingency. Our differentiators: We work with the majority of the UK’s major retailers and discounters. This unique range of customers enables us to help them grow market share in own label products. We are able to help drive more value to both the retailer and consumer by giving the best possible product for the best possible value. We work with our customers to develop new innovations that will help us lead the market. We are the first UK tissue converter to offer customers a plastic-free solution on all our products, helping customers to reduce single-use plastic consumption. We manufacture our products to the highest possible standards. We continue to employ and leverage technology that ensures our cost base is the lowest in the industry whilst our quality is the highest. We are tireless in developing our teams and relentless in finding the best resource we can to enable the business to grow and develop.

Apax Global Alpha Limited


Apax Global Alpha Limited (“AGA”) offers public market shareholders exclusive access to an extensive portfolio of Private Equity Investments through the Apax Funds as well as a tailored mix of Derived Investments. AGA’s investment objective is to provide shareholders with capital appreciation from its distinct investment portfolio and regular dividends. The Company aims to pay an annualised dividend yield of 5% of Net Asset Value per annum. Apax Funds have a strong track record in private equity through a diversified exposure in four core sectors of Tech & Telco, Services, Healthcare and Consumer. Apax Partners' sector knowledge allows it to spot emerging global trends early and invest "ahead of the curve". Derived Investments are investments in equities and debt derived from the exclusive insights gained via Apax Partners' Private Equity activities. Apax Partners’ expertise identifies value creating opportunities in debt and equity which are not part of the Apax Funds' investment mandate and hence AGA is in a unique position to invest in them. AGA listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange on 15 June 2015 with a Premium listing. It is part of the FTSE All-Share and Small-Cap Indices. Ticker: APAX AGA’s Investment Adviser is Apax Partners LLP (“Apax Partners”). They are a leading global private equity advisory firm with more than 30 years of investing experience and have raised and advised funds that total more than €43bn.

Aeorema Communications Plc


Aeorema Communications plc (AIM: AEO.L) is a leading, London based, revenue generative, live events agency. The Company, through its events division Cheerful Twentyfirst, specialises in creating engaging, immersive events, using the latest technologies and interactive platforms to deliver highly innovative events for its clients. Incorporating superb screen content, award-winning video and creative live event solutions, the Company has a prestigious client list that includes Vodafone, Microsoft, HSBC, Inmarsat and News International. As part of Aeorema’s drive to build on the success of its core events business through complementary offerings to its clients, the Company recently strengthened its in-house services to include experiential events, with the trade name Thrive London Ltd. Experiential events use experiences to connect brands with consumers and is a form of events that is rapidly growing in popularity. Signifying the success of the Company’s move into this area, Aeorema recently delivered an experiential event for one of the big four professional services firms. The Company also reported strong revenues of £4,820,167 and a robust cash position of £1,436,314 for the financial year ended 30 June 2018, underpinning the Company’s very strong balance sheet. The Company is committed to maintaining its leading market position by continuing to encourage clients to push boundaries and by providing seamless, progressive solutions that helps clients stand out in a crowded market, now and in the future.

Altitude Group PLC


Altitude Group Plc is a leading global provider of technology and information services to the promotional products, print and clothing (PPC) industries. We power distributors across the U.S. and U.K. by providing patented technology tools, information and data services and enterprise level technology to PPC suppliers and distributors. Our proprietary technology platform – branded ChannlPro - is a transformational one, offering PPC distributors the ability to execute customer orders fully online by providing world class personalisation technology to them at zero cost. It’s faster, much more efficient and brings greater scale and marketing opportunity to all industry players regardless of size or budget. We monetise our technology by charging suppliers’ transaction fees on a percentage per order basis. We are currently scaling our technology in the US through exclusive endorsed partnerships with distributor groups. Our first agreement was signed with AIMastermind (AIM), the largest single distributor buying group in the US with a $1.6bn or 6.7% share of the market. We also have a second agreement with Napco Media providing exclusive access to approximately 80,000 commercial print businesses in the US of which around 12,500 are already active in the PPC market. The PPC market in the US is massive - worth c$23 billion. We believe our clearly targeted partnership approach for onboarding suppliers and distributors onto the platform, will enable us to capture significant distributor revenue throughput and monetise revenues rapidly.  Continuous growth in revenue throughput from initial launch of AIM in 2018 is proving the concept and we believe $1bn of revenue throughput is ultimately achievable. It is a significant monetising opportunity for the Group and its shareholders and we are clearly focused on achieving this.

APC Technology Group PLC


Since 1982, APC Technology Group plc has been providing the design, specification and distribution of specialist electronic components and systems, lighting technologies and connectivity products. As a trusted supplier of reliable, high quality and advanced technologies the company has built long-standing relationships with customers in hard to penetrate markets including defence, aerospace, oil and gas, finance, broadcast, commercial real estate and logistics. Acting as a UK marketing, sales and distribution portal for best-in-class US and European component manufacturers, APC creates value for its manufacturing principals and end-customers through its market and product knowledge, engineer-to-engineer technical sales expertise and extensive experience managing import and logistics requirements.

BIOME Technologies PLC


Biome Technologies plc is an AIM listed, growth-orientated, commercially driven technology group. Our strategy is founded on building market-leading positions based on patented technology and serving international customers in valuable market sectors. We have chosen to do this by developing products in application areas where the value-added pricing can be justified and that are not reliant on government legislation. These products are driven by customer requirements and are compatible with existing manufacturing processes. They are market rather than technology-led. The Group comprises two divisions, Biome Bioplastics Limited and Stanelco RF Technologies Limited. Biome Bioplastics is a leading developer of highly-functional, bio-based and biodegradable plastics. The company’s mission is to produce bioplastics that challenge the dominance of oil-based polymers. Stanelco RF Technologies designs, builds and services advanced radio frequency (RF) systems. Dielectric and induction heating products are at the core of a product offering that ranges from portable sealing devices to large furnaces for the fibre optics markets. .

Bushveld Minerals Ltd


Bushveld Minerals Limited (AIM: BMN) is a low cost, vertically integrated primary vanadium producer, with ownership of high-grade assets, supplying over three per cent of the global vanadium market. Bushveld Vanadium is one of only three producing primary vanadium operations in the world; the Company is also involved in the development and promotion of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (“VRFBs”) in the growing global energy storage market through Bushveld Energy. While the Company’s primary focus is on the vanadium platform and the development of VRFBs, it has additional investments in an integrated coal mining and power generation project in Madagascar, through its subsidiary Lemur Holdings, and a 10 per cent shareholding in AIM-listed AfriTin Mining Limited. The Company's approach to project development recognises that, whilst attractive project economics are imperative, they are insufficient to secure capital to bring them to account. A clear path to production within a visible timeframe, low capital expenditure requirements and scalability are important factors in ensuring a positive return on investment. .

Calculus Capital

Calculus Capital are pioneers of tax efficient investing, having launched the UK’s first approved EIS Fund in 1999. Our focus has remained consistent: building diversified portfolios of smaller, UK growth businesses and creating value for our investors through our multi-award winning funds. Our focus on capital appreciation, a diligent investment and monitoring process and our record of profitable exits distinguishes us from other EIS and VCT managers. We have been able to produce significant results for our clients via tax free dividends for our VCT investors, or tax free capital gains for our EIS investors. We have won many industry awards including Best EIS Investment Manager at the Growth Investor Awards 2018, where we were also a Finalist for Best VCT, and Best Generalist EIS at the Tax Efficiency Awards 2017/18. The Calculus EIS Fund and Calculus VCT is currently open for subscription .

Consent Eye

ConsentEye is the leading Consent Preference Management software that provides organisations with a central hub to capture and manage omni channel customer preferences. Designed and Engineered in Great Britain this cutting edge SaaS cloud application is 100% GDPR and ePrivacy compliant, whilst increasing customer experience and revenue along with significantly reducing the risk of GDPR and ePrivacy fines. The data protection market is forecasted to grow from $57 billion in 2017 to $125 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate of 16%. The need for enhanced security and privacy is expected to drive the market. 2018 will go down in history as the year the right to privacy was reclaimed. 10% of organisations across the world are currently regulated by the GDPR, growing to 50% by 2023. New data privacy regulations will continue to impact millions of businesses in more than 80 countries. Organisations must now fundamentally rework how they consolidate, request, process and manage consent, private data and individuals' rights - a monumental task. ConsentEye is easy to integrate, has a very user friendly interface and connects to all core systems, i.e. CRM, Email Marketing, Databases and others to provide: • 80% increase opt in rates • 89% report higher customer satisfaction • 80% report better campaign results • 80% report higher customer retention • 78% report higher marketing ROI • Full audit trail confirming all time stamped consent per data subject/employee For more information and a free 14 day trial please go to .


Say goodbye to access cards and keyfobs. Say hello to the card you’re already carrying; your smartphone. It’s better for users and better for building managers. Doordeck works alongside nearly all existing locks with minimal hardware, and opens up a whole new way to control your space. Issue access from anywhere and any device. Create guest passes that arrive immediately via email. No more expensive, resource-heavy cards and readers. Get more time to do the stuff that matters.

Directa Plus PLC


Directa Plus (AIM: DCTA) is one of the largest producers and suppliers of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets. These products are natural, chemical-free and sustainably produced, attracting interest from companies worldwide. Based in Italy, Directa Plus was established in 2005 and have developed a unique and patented technology process and a scalable and portable manufacturing model (to reduce transport costs, waste and time-to-utilisation). The company’s products are found in commercial applications such as smart textiles, tyres, composite materials and environmental solutions, and are suitable for many other uses in addition. Directa Plus partners with customers to enable them to offer the high-performance benefits of graphene, identified by the G+ brand, in their own products. Directa Plus is committed to sharing in the proceeds of customers’ growth from new products, thereby securing a proportion of these additional revenues and profits for shareholders. This could take the form of royalty payments, upfront enabling licence payments, joint-ventures to get closer to end users or a combination of all three. .

Downing Public Equity PLC


At Downing Public Equity, we are passionate about driving strong returns for our shareholders. We focus on unlocking value in smaller companies through a proven and repeatable investment process. Downing Public Equity was established in 2010 by award-winning* fund manager Judith MacKenzie, with the aim of creating a boutique listed asset management business which draws on Downing’s 25-year private equity track record. We currently operate in three distinct sectors – UK micro-cap, UK equity income, and global multi-manager. The strategy of each fund draws from a shared investment philosophy based on the following principles: • Value-led investing: buying businesses at what we believe are attractive valuations to improve returns and reduce downside risk. • Bottom-up research: a comprehensive understanding of each company is critical to the investment philosophy. We invest in businesses and funds we understand. • Focused portfolios: allowing our best ideas to drive performance. • Robust repeatable processes: ensuring a consistent approach. Each fund is supervised by an investment committee to provide additional risk oversight. Our investors’ interests are important to us in every decision we make. *Named Small Cap Fund Manager of the Year, Small Cap Awards 2015 and Small Cap Awards 2013 for the Downing UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund.

Duke Royalty


Duke Royalty is a pioneer in its field, bringing royalty finance to UK and European businesses outside of the mining sector for the first time. As an alternative finance solution, which has no re-financing risk and is non-dilutive for business owners, royalty finance provides a solution for businesses affected by the funding gap caused by traditional banks’ unwillingness to lend money. The Company listed on the AIM Stock Exchange in March 2017. Its achievements in the short period of time since then have been impressive and this year saw it rapidly propelled itself to sit within the top 3% of AIM dividend stocks. This was facilitated by its development of a diverse and growing royalty portfolio which provides robust, predictable and long-term returns to shareholders.Duke was founded in 2015 by a management team, with more than 75 years of royalty experience between them, who saw that the $50bn Canadian royalty financing market was providing a solution for North American business owners and investors. Chief Investment Officer, Jim Webster, pioneered the world’s first drug royalty on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and whose previous royalty companies have £4 billion AUM. Duke’s business model has attracted a suite of blue-chip investors, including the likes of Hargreave Hale (15.45%), Blackrock (10.4%), Axa Investment Managers (9.22%), Capital Group (4.31%) and GLG Partners (3.90%) through three successful placings undertaken since listing, raising a total of £79 million. The Company continues to experience sustained growth and success, with its market capitalisation increasing from £4m at the start of 2017 to its current sitting at more than £86m.



eServGlobal (AIM:ESG, ASX:ESV) is a joint venture partner, together with Mastercard, in the HomeSend global payments hub. HomeSend enables cross-border transfer between bank accounts, cards, mobile wallets, or cash outlets from anywhere in the world. Global payments is estimated to be a US$22 Trillion market. eServGlobal incubated and commercially developed the HomeSend technology before entering into the JV with Mastercard in 2014. Today, HomeSend can terminate transfers in over 100 countries, and it also powers cross-border payments for Mastercard Send, a Mastercard-branded solution to help financial institutions modernise their cross-border services. Mastercard currently has relationships with over 22,00 financial institutions. eServGlobal also operates a core business focused on digital financial transaction technology for financial and telecommunications service providers in emerging markets. The core business offers a range of transaction services including digital wallets, commerce and prepaid recharge.

Ferguson Hyams

Ferguson Hyams provides sophisticated investors with access to a liquid portfolio of their trading strategies via managed accounts held in the investor’s own name. They evaluate portfolio managers from around the globe, selecting the best to create exclusive trading strategies on their platform. These strategies are typically inaccessible to direct investors and benefit from continuous risk management by the Ferguson Hyams dedicated team, led by Chief Investment Officer Gideon Hyams, a distinguished high-performing risk manager of derivative trading teams within a global top-tier bank. A blend of their strategies aims to offer a great alternative to ‘long only’ investments which rely on already inflated asset prices to continue rising. All of the strategies have audited track records trading in liquid markets like Foreign Exchange, Equities, Interest Rates and Commodities. Ferguson Hyams’ Default Blend has produced around 15% annual returns with a maximum drawdown of only around 3% in the four years since inception in August 2014 (compared to the FTSE 100 Index which has around 1.25% annual returns and 20% maximum drawdown in the same period). An allocation to a Ferguson Hyams blend of strategies could offer an effective hedge and an overall reduction in volatility for an existing portfolio which otherwise depends on the stock markets continuing to rise to achieve returns. .

FireAngel Safety Technology Group PLC


FireAngel Safety Technology Group plc (“FireAngel”), formally Sprue Aegis plc, designs and manufactures technology-driven, safety products. Its mission is to protect, save and improve its customers' lives by making innovative, leading-edge home safety technology simple and accessible. FireAngel's principal products are smoke and heat alarms, CO detectors and safety accessories. The Company has an extensive portfolio of patented intellectual property in Europe, the US and other territories. Products are sold under FireAngel's leading brands of FireAngel, FireAngel Spec, FireAngel Pro, AngelEye and FireAngel Connect. FireAngel Connect, the Company’s connected homes proposition uses state of the art technology to connect IoT enabled hardware to a central, cloud-based system, allowing for the remote monitoring of appliances and smart devices within domestic properties. FireAngel recently signing a significant partnership agreement with one of the UK’s largest housing and social care providers, including the supply of the Company’s integrated home management system. Significant research and development investment has been a notable feature of FireAngel’s strategy in recent years. This investment has allowed for the development of innovative new products such as FireAngel Predict™, FireAngel's unique, patent pending, predictive algorithm technology, which gathers data from properties in real time over the internet allowing it to identify properties with an increased risk of fire. FireAngel remains focused on its core business of selling home safety devices to the UK Retail, UK Trade and Overseas markets, whilst also leveraging its expertise to capitalise on the opportunities in the emerging “connected home” market. .

Forbidden Technologies PLC


Forbidden Technologies plc develops, markets and licenses Blackbird, the world's fastest and most agile cloud video platform. The technology underpins multiple applications which are used by rights holders, broadcasters, sports and news producers, eSports live events, content owners, post-production houses, mass market digital video channels and corporations. Blackbird customers and partners include Microsoft Azure, MSG Networks,, BBC and IMG.

Frontier Developments PLC


Frontier Developments plc (‘Frontier’), is a world-class video game developer and publisher with multiple revenue generating franchises. Founded in 1994 by David Braben, co-author of the seminal Elite (1984), Frontier achieved success as a work-for-hire games developer over a twenty year period, with a proven track record over a variety of genres and many platforms. The rise of digital distribution was the catalyst to transition to a more profitable self-published model, and in 2013 Frontier supported the development of a self-published title, Elite Dangerous, through a combination of kickstarter funding and an IPO on AIM (FDEV). Elite Dangerous launched in December 2014, followed by Planet Coaster in November 2016 and Jurassic World Evolution in June 2018. Frontier is therefore well positioned having successfully launched three revenue generating game franchises. The most recent, Jurassic World Evolution, achieved the biggest launch to date – 1 million units in just 5 weeks. Frontier has a proven track record of sustaining and nurturing existing franchises to deliver multi-year revenues, with each new franchise release providing a step-up in overall financial performance. Franchise four is now in full development and targeted for release in FY20, and two more new franchises are in earlier stages of development. Frontier employs over 400 people in Cambridge and utilises its proprietary ‘COBRA’ game development technology to create innovative games, currently focusing on video game consoles and personal computers. Revenue in FY18 (year ended 31 May 2018) was £34 million and analysts expectations for FY19 are £75-88 million.

Gama Aviation


Gama Aviation Plc (LSE AIM:GMAA) is a global business aviation services company that specialises in providing support for individuals, corporations and government agencies (police, air ambulance, defence, infrastructure); providing them with a platform to perform a wide variety of missions. The Group has two divisions: Air and Ground. Air services include: aircraft management, special mission support and charter; with Ground services covering: base & line aircraft maintenance services, aircraft modification design and installation and Fixed Base Operations (FBO). This year the Group welcomed Hutchison Whampoa as a strategic investor, added new members to the Board with high growth listed company experience, put in place a $70 million RCF with Barclays and Natwest, raised £48 million through an equity placing and has begin a program of right sizing operations to gain efficiencies. All of which has strengthened the core fundamentals of the business to accelerate future growth .



HarbourVest Global Private Equity HarbourVest Global Private Equity Limited ("HVPE" or the "Company") is a London listed, FTSE 250 private equity investment company with assets of $1.8 billion (at 30 September 2018) and a market capitalisation of approximately £1.1 billion (ticker: HVPE). HVPE invests in private companies and portfolios of private companies through funds managed by HarbourVest Partners, an innovative global private markets asset manager with more than 35 years of experience. HVPE is designed to offer shareholders long‐term capital appreciation by investing in a private equity portfolio diversified by geography, strategy, stage of investment, vintage year, and sector. By following a consistent and proven investment strategy, HVPE has delivered steady and robust NAV growth and has outperformed the public markets as measured by the FTSE All‐World Total Return (TR) index.

Harriman House

Founded in 1994, Harriman House is one of the UK's leading independent publishers of financial and business books, eBooks and other content. We have an extensive catalogue of titles and produce high-quality, highly focused products by working with leading authors, journalists, experts and institutions across the globe. We have over 300 titles in our catalogue including over a 120 investing titles. Our print titles are available through all the major online and offline retailers in the UK and internationally and our eBooks are available on all the leading eBook platforms. We also sell our products directly through our own website .

Holy Cow

Holy Cow! is a challenger brand in the international cuisines space, producing award winning range of curry sauces and street food. A new generation of well travelled UK customers is driving demand for authentic and natural international flavours, which are healthy and convenient to use – Holy Cow! is well positioned to take advantage of these food trends. With one of the highest rates of sale and a 76% repeat purchase online at Ocado, the company is now looking to repeat this success on retail shelves. Holy Cow! are also growing rapidly in the foodservice sector, where they create pop-up kiosks with their own branding on catered sites at Schools, Universities, Stadiums, etc. This is a large market that provides recurring orders for the company on an annual basis, as well as great brand visibility. Curry Bars already operational at 320+ locations. Holy Cow! is now a proven franchise with award winning products, strong record of repeat purchases by customers, and excellent customer reviews. Its unique positioning creates a category with little real competition, and a clear trajectory for growth.



Ideagen is a UK company quoted on the London Stock Exchange AIM market (Ticker: IDEA.LN). It provides quality, safety, audit, performance and risk management software and expertise and has operations in the UK, the European Union, the United States, Middle East and Southeast Asia. With an excellent portfolio of software products, Ideagen helps the world's leading brands to improve operational efficiency, strengthen compliance and oversight and anticipate and manage every detail of risk. This enables organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The Group has a customer base of over 4,000 organisations using the Ideagen suite of products, including many blue-chip names such as BAE Systems, IAG Group and the European Central Bank as well as 150 hospitals in the UK and US. What sets Ideagen apart? Ownership - UK AIM public listed company - Ideagen PLC - IDEA Accreditations - ISO 9001:2015; 14001 & 27001 certified Employees - Over 380 employees and a global Partner Network Customers – over 4,000 companies using the Ideagen suite of products globally Support - Based in the UK and US, we provide 24/7 support 1993 - Year of formation

IMPAX Asset Management Group

LSE:IPX Asset Management Group PLC

Impax is a specialist asset manager, experienced at investing in the opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable global economy. Founded in 1998, Impax offers a range of thematic and unconstrained global equity strategies as well as real asset funds focused on the growth opportunity arising from a sustainable economy. We are engaged investors, in regular dialogue with companies in our portfolios and reporting on our stewardship activities to our clients. Where possible, we report on the positive environmental impact of our thematic investments; this positive impact is an outcome of our investment style. Impax is a proud holder of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development and numerous other prestigious industry accolades. In 2018, Impax Asset Management Group acquired Pax World Management LLC, investment advisor to Pax World Funds (“Pax”), a pioneer in sustainable investing. Since 1971, Pax has made it possible for investors to pursue financial returns while aligning their investments with their values. All Pax portfolios, including active equity, fixed income and smart beta, integrate ESG analysis into security selection and portfolio construction. We also seek to create positive social and environmental impact through shareholder engagement, proxy voting and public policy advocacy, on issues ranging from climate change to gender inequality.

Jersey Oil and Gasp


Jersey Oil & Gas is a UK E&P Company focused on building an upstream oil and gas business in the North Sea. The Company owns an 18% interest in the P2170 licence, Blocks 20/5b & 21/1d, Outer Moray Firth, in which the operator, Equinor UK Limited, owns a 70% interest and CIECO V&C (UK) Limited owns a 12% interest. The Company plans to build a production portfolio via both organic development and acquisitions coinciding with the cyclical recovery in the oil price and the opportune buying market in the North Sea. The Company is involved in multiple sales processes and intends to draw on its management team's considerable experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver shareholder value from its stated growth strategy.

K3 Business Technology Group


K3 provides and supports business-management software to customers across a number of industry sectors. Its mission-critical offering enables customers to track and manage their business resources, and collect, store, manage, and interpret data across their activities. The Company has undergone a fundamental reorganisation and reinvigorated its sales strategy to support a return to sustainable profitability. Early signs of improvement are starting to come through. Key components of its new strategy include: • increasing sales of its own-IP operations • streamlining and integrating the Group’s operations • growing third party sales through global channel partners K3 has approximately 3,700 customers, including IKEA, English Heritage and British Heart Foundation, across 50 countries. A significant proportion of its revenues are recurring.

Minds + Machines


Minds + Machines Group Limited is the owner and operator of a world class portfolio of 32 top-level domain assets (gTLDs). We generate revenues through the registration and annual renewal of names within each of our top-level domains by businesses and consumers. As such we are a pure-play registry, establishing a strong growing renewal base, with all sales being generated through our global retail network of registrar and distribution partners. The MMX portfolio is currently focused around consumer interests (e.g. .fashion, .wedding), generic names (eg .work, .vip), lifestyle (e.g. .fit, .surf, .yoga), professional occupations (e.g. .law), and geographic domains (e.g. .london, .boston, .miami, .bayern). In 2018, the Company completed its first acquisition, the ICM portfolio, and is shortly to launch its first innovation based project, .luxe, which combines the strengths of the World Wide Web’s naming system with that of blockchain. For more information on MMX and its innovation based project, please visit and .

National Milk Records PLC


National Milk Records (NMR) is the leading supplier of milk recording services in the UK, providing management information on individual cow's performance in terms of milk quality, yield and fertility. NMR’s provides essential services to the whole UK dairy supply chain including dairy processors, vets and farmers. NMR also supplies aggregate data to over 35 dairy industry bodies as well as forming the basis for food provenance schemes for retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer. It is acknowledged by the industry that NMR is the market leader in the provision and support of dairy software in Great Britain.

Norman Broadbent Group


Norman Broadbent Group is a leading Professional Services firm offering five interrelated Talent Acquisition & Advisory Services: Board & Leadership/Executive Search, Senior Interim Management, Research & Insight, Leadership Consulting & Assessment, and executive level Recruitment Solutions. Our 40 year history has made us a trusted corporate advisor and given us insight into how businesses work, the variety of needs they have and the challenges they face. Every business challenge is unique and the services we offer are tailored to the needs of each client, offering the a bespoke solution to complex challenges.



NWF Group is a specialist distributor of fuel, food and feed across the UK. Established in 1871, the Group has over 140 years’ experience in adding value to its customers through an in depth knowledge of the agricultural, distribution and oil markets. Across the Group customer service is the number one priority. Whether it is reaching nine out of ten callers who have run out of fuel on the same day, delivering excellent service levels in food or delivering to farm within 24 hours when needed by farmers, the business strives to provide the highest quality of service in all areas.

One Media iP Group PLC


One Media IP Group PLC (OMIP) is an 'intellectual property' (IP) owner and controller of over 250,000 music tracks and 10,000 hours of video and is a B2B and B2C digital content provider. It licenses its content to over 600 global digital stores including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Deezer, Tidal, Audible and YouTube. The Company nostalgic music tracks range in genres from soul to classical, rock to pop and ambient to kids entertainment. Its library is additionally available for TV shows, inflight entertainment, movies, adverts, spoken word and websites. The Company acquired the rights to Men & Motors car channel from Granada/ITV and now exploits the shows on one of its 25 global YouTube Channels. Recently OMIP developed a content discovery and analytical software, 'Technical Copyright Analysis Tool' (“TCAT”), which allows record companies, publishers and law firms to search certain digital stores, such as iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify, and carry out a forensic digital audit on behalf of owners to ensure that their music has not been used without licensing agreements being in place. This is being further developed as a service to the industry at large. Founded in 2005 and listing on Ofex in 2006, it migrated to AIM in 2014. The company has since sought scale and in 2018 was joined by directors, Lord Michael Grade and Ivan Dunleavy, formally of Pinewood Studios and has raised in both equity and long-term debt a £9m resource to further its ambitions in acquiring more music masters and furthering its publishing interests. Founder, Michael Infante is CEO and has over 25 years of experience within this field.

OPG Power Ventures PLC


OPG (AIM: OPG), the developer and operator of power generation plants in India, was listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in 2008; the Company has grown from 20 MW of generating capacity to 476 MW, consistently delivering strong results as well as growth. India provides significant opportunities in the energy sector given its low and rising per capita consumption of electricity, and overall economic growth estimates. OPG is well positioned to play a part in this growth, with a strong track record of engineering, operations and financial management. The Board’s priority is to ensure that the Company remains focused on making robust returns and maximizing cash flows. To that end, new solar capacity is expected to generate steady revenues; the consistently strong performance at OPG’s Chennai operations, improvement in tariffs and, expected reduction in coal prices, provide a further credible backdrop for a recovery in the Company’s profitability during FY19.

Palace Capital PLC


Palace Capital is a property investment company with a premium listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PCA). The Company owns a diversified portfolio across the UK (outside of London) and has a reputation for being entrepreneurial and opportunistic. Palace Capital acquires properties where it can enhance the long-term income and capital value through asset management and strategic refurbishment and development of assets in order to maximise shareholder value. .



PCF Group plc (AIM: PCF), is the AIM-quoted parent of the specialist bank, PCF Bank Limited. PCF Bank currently offers retail savings products for individuals and then deploys those funds through its two lending divisions: Consumer Finance which provides finance for motor vehicles to consumers; and Business Finance which provides finance for vehicles, plant and equipment to small and medium-sized enterprises. With the advent of a banking operation, PCF Group has the capability to increase its lending portfolio significantly, with target portfolio sizes of £350 million in 2020 and £750 million in 2022. PCF Bank will retain its focus on portfolio quality and has the capability to increase lending to prime segments of its existing finance markets; the Group will also seek to diversify its lending products and asset classes through acquisition PCF Group has a track record of strong financial performance and an efficient and scalable business model, with significant room to grow. Utilising its technologically advanced platform, PCF Bank provides both depositors and borrowers with a high level of service and a straightforward, simple range of products tailored to suit their needs. .

Pelatro PLC


The Pelatro Group was founded in March 2013 by Subash Menon and Sudeesh Yezhuvath with the objective of offering specialised, enterprise class software solutions for customer engagement principally to telcos who face a series of challenges including dropping revenue per subscriber, market maturity, saturation and customer churn. The potential market has been growing at 19% CAGR and is expected to be about US$ 2.7 billion in 2019. Pelatro Plc provides its “mViva” platform for use by telecom companies and is well positioned in the Multichannel Marketing Hub space (MMH) – this is technology that orchestrates a customer’s communications and offers to customer segments across multiple channels to include apps, websites, social media, SMS, USSD, email and others. Viva Multichannel Marketing Hub includes mViva Contextual Marketing Solution, mViva Loyalty Management Solution, mViva Intelligent Notification Manager and mViva Emergency Credit Solution. It helps the telcos to increase their revenue and reduce churn. Pelatro is expanding by a mix of organic and acquisition led growth. In August 2018, the Company completed the acquisition of certain assets of Danateq Pte Ltd (Danateq). This acquisition doubles the subscriber base to 325 million and brings immediate entry into Central Europe as well as a large recurring revenue base. Pelatro currently serves twelve telcos in eleven countries. It counts several telecom groups like Telenor, Tele2, Axiata, SingTel etc among its customers. mViva has several institutional investors of repute as its shareholders. They include Chelverton Asset Management, Rathbones Investment Management, Herald Investment Management, Artemis Fund Managers, Hargreave Hale, Maven Capital Partners etc.

Petards Group PLC


Petards Group plc, which was listed on AIM in 1997, designs, supplies and maintains technologies used in advanced security, surveillance and safety applications within harsh operating environments, the main markets for which are: Rail – Software driven on-board digital video, sensor and data systems for fitment to new build or retrofitted to existing rolling stock. Applications include Driver Controlled Operation (DCO), Automatic Selective Door Operation (ASDO), track, train and pantograph condition monitoring, saloon car CCTV, drivers view cameras and automatic passenger counting systems sold under the eyeTrain brand. Our portfolio has been specifically designed to perform in the harsh conditions of the rail environment, maintaining a high level of reliability, dependability and requiring a low level of maintenance. We are now established as the solution of choice for Train Builders, Integrators and Operating Companies on over 12,000 vehicles worldwide. Defence – Electronic defensive countermeasure systems for fitment to rotary and fixed wing aircraft, threat simulation systems and mobile radios predominantly for the UK Ministry of Defence. Traffic – In-car speed enforcement and end-to-end Fixed, mobile and portable Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems sold under the ProVida and QRO brands to UK and overseas law enforcement agencies and UK based commercial customers. Our reputation, which is based on exceptional customer service, cutting edge technical capability and high quality solutions, has allowed us to build relationships with leading companies and organisations across the world, including Bombardier, Siemens, Stadler, Hitachi, BAE Systems, Leonardo and the UK's Ministry of Defence.

Plant Health Care


Plant Health Care (PHC) is a leading provider of novel patent protected biological products to global agriculture markets. Biological products help farmers to grow more and better quality crops and have lower toxicity than traditional farm inputs. The Company was established in 1995 in Pittsburgh in the USA and moved its headquarters to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2013. PHC’s products deliver economic benefits to their customers, while capitalising on long-term trends towards natural systems and using biological products. PHC floated on AIM in 2004, to help fund product and company acquisitions and expand its sales and marketing team. PHC has a rapidly growing Commercial business (2017: $7.7m) and the expectation remains of being cash flow positive in 2020. The core product, Harpin , a recombinant protein which makes plants healthier by stimulating their immune systems, is growing at 20+% per annum. Sales growth is underpinned by recent launches in Brazilian sugarcane and US corn and soy, all of which represent very large opportunities for Harpin. In New Technology, PHC is investing in peptide platforms, known as PREtec (Plant Response Elicitors), inspired by Harpin, which have very large potential. Over the last five years, PHC has staked out the core IP for peptides. The Company intends to licence PREtec to major companies and is currently evaluating it with multiple partners.

Polar Capital


Polar Capital is a specialist, investment-led, active fund management company, which is 29%* owned by its Directors, founders and employees. We offer professional and institutional investors a wide range of geographical and sector funds based on a fundamental research driven approach, run by dedicated specialist teams. The Company manages three sector-focused investment trusts, covering three of the largest sectors in the world: Global Healthcare, Global Technology and Global Financials. Polar Capital manages over £2.4 billion* across these three investment trusts for a very diverse shareholder base. *As at 28 September 2018. Past performance is not indicative or a guarantee of future results.

RA International Group PLC


RA International Group plc (AIM:RAI) is a leading provider of services to remote locations in Africa and the Middle East. It specialises in four service verticals: construction; integrated facilities management; accommodation; and supply chain logistics. It has a strong customer base, largely comprising UN agencies, western governments and global corporations. The Group provides comprehensive, flexible, mission critical support to its clients enabling them to focus on the delivery of their respective businesses and services. RA International’s focus on integrity and values alongside on-going investment in people, locations and operations has over time created a reliable and trusted brand within its sector. The Group is headquartered in Dubai, in the UAE and has 14 years of operational knowledge with a culturally diverse and multi-lingual workforce of over 1,900 people. RA International has a proven track record of strong financial growth and has successfully delivered over US$430 million of projects in over 10 countries. In 2017, RA International generated revenue of US$53.3 million (2016: US$36.8 million) and profit for the year of US$13.7 million (2016: US$5.0 million). The Company was admitted to trading on AIM on 29 June 2018, raising gross proceeds of £18.8m. .

RiverFort Global Opportunities PLC (Formerly Paternoster Resources PLC)


RiverFort Global Opportunities plc is an investment company listed on AIM which is part of the London Stock Exchange. The Company is seeking to generate returns for shareholders through capital growth and income by way of dividends. The Company invests by providing equity-linked debt funding to public and private small cap growth companies in the technology, natural resources, energy, financial and healthcare industry sectors. RiverFort Global Opportunities plc is able to protect the funds it invests through the use of debt-based instruments whilst investor returns are generated from interest and fees with equity upside from warrants and conversion rights. The funding provided is generally to help companies complete acquisitions, manage working capital, fund capex and/or bridge to cash flow or refinancing events. During 2018, the Company has raised around £6 million in new funds to invest in the investment strategy described above. The Company’s major institutional shareholders include Miton Group plc and Canaccord Genuity Group Inc.


Listed on AIM, Safestay is the owner and operator of an international brand of contemporary hostels across Europe, targeting the growing demand for modern, affordable and stylish accommodation. Established in 2014, the Group converted the Labour Party’s ex-headquarters in Elephant & Castle to create the first Safestay hostel with 413 beds. Since then the Company has expanded into 7 countries, operating a network of 13 hostels with the capacity to accommodate over 1 million guests per annum. The rapid expansion and awareness of the Safestay brand has come alongside being a part of changing old perceptions of staying in a hostel. Situated in iconic, centrally located buildings in the heart of Europe’s most well-known cities, Safestay hostels are stylish and modern offering both safety and fun but still priced at an average of just £20 per night. The appeal to stay at a modern Safestay hostel is strong and not limited to young people exploring Europe but increasingly attracts people from all walks of life from school and college groups to business people and families. More widely the modern hostel sector is moving into the mainstream with growing interest and investment from global hotel chains. The management team behind the Safestay brand were responsible for developing the self-storage business Safestore and to support the development of the Safestay brand the team has been expanded with senior appointments from Whitbread and AccorHotels

Sanderson Group plc


Sanderson Group plc is a publicly-owned UK provider of software solutions and IT services. We supply innovative, market-focused solutions to the retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and logistics sectors. Highly experienced in the markets we serve, we forge long-term relationships with our customers. This allows us to consistently deliver real business benefit and help our customers achieve rapid return on their investment in IT. Established in 1983, Sanderson has a multi-million pound turnover and a track record of profitable trading. We strive to be the best in our chosen fields and achieve market leadership through the quality of our products, people and services. Robust Business Model & Progressive Dividend Policy Sanderson has a strong business model with pre-contracted recurring revenues representing around 55% of total revenue. This recurring revenue stream results in more predictable cash generation which, in turn, supports the Board’s progressive dividend policy. Organic & Acquisition-Led Growth The Group’s industry knowledge, proven revenue model, track record, and acquisition experience, gives Sanderson the confidence that it is well placed to deliver both organic and acquisition-led growth in the future. The Board remains focused on continuing to deliver growth, ‘on-target’ results, strong cash generation and a robust balance sheet, thereby enhancing earnings and further increasing shareholder value.

Shanta Gold


Shanta Gold (AIM: SHG) is an East Africa-focused gold producer, developer and explorer. The Company operates in under-explored areas of Tanzania and has produced 80,000 - 88,000 oz of gold from their flagship New Luika Gold Mine, since 2014. The New Luika Gold Mine is a low cost, established, cash generative operation boasting high grade resources rarely found around the world. Alongside New Luika, Shanta owns Singida, an advanced stage gold project, with three mining licenses, in central Tanzania. Shanta also holds exploration properties covering over 1,560 km2 in the under explored ex-colonial mining areas of the geologically rich Lupa Goldfield surrounding New Luika as well prospecting licences at Songea in southwestern Tanzania. Shanta Gold has established a solid operational track record which has allowed it to embark on an exciting exploration campaign across its large and highly prospective licence areas. This exploration programme is targeting new resources to extend the mine life of New Luika as well as increasing resources at Singida project in central Tanzania.

Shield Therapeutics


A commercial stage, pharmaceutical company delivering innovative specialty pharmaceuticals that address patients’ unmet medical needs, with an initial focus on addressing iron deficiency anaemia associated with renal and gastrointestinal disorders

SigmaRoc PLC


SigmaRoc plc is a buy-and-build construction materials group founded in 2016 by an Ex-LafargeHolcim team. It seeks to invest in strong local businesses, improve them and integrate them into platforms. The first platform SigmaRoc created was Ronez in the Channel Islands, grouping both Ronez and a new shipping division to boost profits by 50% in its first year. The second platform, SigmaPPG based in South-east England, includes (so-far) precast innovator Poundfield Products and fencing specialist Allen Concrete. Their strategy takes effect in two layers; operating businesses and top-co. At the operating level SigmaRoc is empowering local managers, and at a top-co level, the group utilises this decentralised approach to focus on finding appealing investment opportunities and helping the acquired businesses operationally and financially.

SmartSpace Software Plc


SmartSpace Software Plc (“SmartSpace”) is building a SaaS orientated software business, designing and building software centering around its ‘Connect’ software platform and ‘OneSpace’ occupancy management software, to help people work smarter and more efficiently on a global platform. The Company's software solutions in workspace, retail and hospitality help transform employee and customer engagement with software modules which include: desk and meeting room management, wayfinding, car parking, visitor management, frictionless vending and space management. Following the disposal of the system integration and managed services division in June 2018 and the change of name from RedstoneConnect Plc to SmartSpace Software Plc, the Company’s focus is on becoming a leading software provider in the space management market, by offering software tools that help customers optimise their corporate real estate. Strategic acquisitions to complement the organic growth opportunities from the Company’s existing suite of products are a core part of this growth strategy. This was demonstrated in October 2018 when the Company announced the acquisition of Swiped On Limited (“SwipedOn”) for a total consideration of £5.4 million. The acquisition of SwipedOn not only complements the Company’s existing solutions but also broadens SmartSpaces’ SaaS revenue model and diversifies the Company’s product range to include solutions for mid–market and entry-level customers in the workplace market. This helps fulfil SmartSpace’s ambition to be active at three levels in the market- enterprise, mid-market and entry level – as well as growing its business internationally. SmartSpace is run by an experienced management and operational team, headed by Frank Beechinor, Chief Executive Officer and Spencer Dredge, Chief Financial Offer.

Supermarket Income Reit PLC


Supermarket Income REIT plc (LSE: SUPR) listed on the London Stock Exchange in July 2017. The Company acquires supermarket real estate assets that form a key part of the future model of grocery in the United Kingdom. In contrast to many asset prices, including those in the wider UK real estate sector, supermarket property yields have risen over the last few years, presenting a significant investment opportunity for investors​. Supermarket operators appear to be entering a period of recovery, which should improve their covenant strength as tenants, at a time when the related property sector exhibits favourable supply and demand characteristics. The Company predominantly acquires supermarket property in highly-populated residential areas with long, RPI-linked leases; tenants are predominantly the four largest UK supermarket operators by market share (i.e. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons). The strong property fundamentals of our sites facilitate the potential for alternative use over the longer term, such as the installation of renewable/sustainable energy and, or the development of surplus car parking spaces. The Company aims to provide long-term RPI-linked income, from institutional grade tenants and the potential for capital growth through active asset management. The attractive income profile of the assets allows for a targeted dividend yield of 5.5 pence, which will then grow progressively with inflation. The Company is advised by Atrato Capital, specialists in this field, having structured and executed over £4 billion of supermarket sale and leasebacks over the last 10 years.

Clarke (T) PLC


TClarke designs, installs, integrates and maintains the full range of mechanical and electrical services and the digital infrastructure to create a 21st century building. TClarke has five core markets: Infrastructure, Residential & Accommodation, Facilities Management & Frameworks, Technologies and M&E Contracting. TClarke is particularly focused on growing its technology market share. 2017 annual technology turnover was £14m. At 30 June 2018 the technology forward, order book stood at £55m. Across the country, our directly employed teams lead the industry for quality and safety. TClarke works on many of the iconic buildings in London; our regions provide a balanced mix of business delivering many schools and hospital projects; residential schemes and work on a number of frameworks. Our annual turnover is in excess of £300m with a forward order book approaching £400m. TClarke has an offsite manufacturing facility at Stansted which provides a significant strategic advantage and has a wealth of expertise in the field of panel manufacturing. We have run an industry leading apprenticeship scheme for many years; Mark Lawrence(CEO) joined as an apprentice in 1985. Other initiatives include a five year future leaders programme. In March 2018 TClarke announced a medium term operating margin target of 3% and is well on the way to achieving this. At 30 June the margin was 2.6% up from 2%. Earnings per share are 13p per share and growing as the strategy is delivered. We are committed to a progressive dividend policy.

Tekcapital PLC


Tekcapital creates value from investing in new, university-developed intellectual properties. With its proprietary discovery search engine, linked to 4,500+ universities in 160 countries, coupled with expert scientific review, Tekcapital also provides a range of IP investment services to make it easy for organisations to find, evaluate, and license university-developed technology. Tekcapital plc is quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: symbol TEK) and is headquartered in Oxford, in the UK. To learn more please visit

Xpediator PLC


Xpediator is a well-established international provider of freight management services. Established in 1988 by CEO Stephen Blyth today the Group's International network of offices provides road, sea and air freight services, together with logistics and warehousing in the UK and Romania. The business offers integrated freight management within the supply chain logistics and fulfilment sector, through its four divisions: freight forwarding, logistics & warehousing, ecommerce and transport solutions. With headquarters in Braintree, Essex and country offices the UK and nine CEE countries across 38 sites, the Group currently employs over 940 people and was successfully listed on London's AIM market in August 2017.

Zotefoams PLC


Zotefoams plc (LSE – ZTF) designs and manufactures specialised foam products using a unique technology. We have a long history of creating innovative solutions for our customers, helping them become more competitive, profitable and sustainable. Our leadership position is based on our wide portfolio of differentiated products, our technological excellence and our exceptional people. Our products provide solutions in a resource-constrained world that is getting older, healthier and wealthier by helping to save energy, reduce waste, improve safety standards and keep people active. Main end markets include storage & protection, transportation, industrial, sports & leisure, building & construction and medical. A myriad of applications is served, from impact pads to cleanroom insulation, aircraft seats and seals to prosthetics and buoyancy aids. The outstanding energy return from our foams makes them the material of choice for midsoles in the world’s best athletic shoes. Our products owe their in-demand characteristics to a unique, environment-friendly three-stage manufacturing process. Our autoclave manufacturing process is capital-intensive, with capacity investment requiring time and detailed planning. Combined with the particular know-how, market position and, in some cases, patents, significant barriers to entry exist that assure our leadership position. Zotefoams is headquartered in Croydon, UK, with additional sites in Kentucky and Oklahoma, USA (foam products manufacture and conversion), Massachusetts, USA (MuCell Extrusion) and Jiangsu Province, China (T-FIT). A third foam manufacturing site in Poland is planned for 2020. Our 2017 revenues were £70.15m, a record and a 22% increase over 2016. Profits were also up 22% at £8.81m.