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I have been investing for nearly four decades now and the landscape has changed dramatically from newspaper columns and teletext share prices all the way through to the superb resources we have at our disposal today… not least many of the data providers here at Mello 2018. However, I have always maintained that meeting management and ‘looking under the bonnet’ and ‘kicking the tyres’ of each company in which you see potential is vitally important.

The City and Institutional holders always appear to have access to directors whenever they required and certainly received results presentations whereas to smaller individual investors, vital for liquidity in stocks below the FTSE 350, never seemed to get the same privilege. I wanted to change the way convention so the AGMs were not seen as our one and only hour to question the management of the companies we actually owned.

I decided that with a strong group of individual investors it might be easier to show that a meeting with an organised gathering of investors was a more efficient use of directors and managers time. It developed further into regular monthly Mello Monday investor dinners and company presentations, 12 years ago. They are still held every month in Beckenham where they starter and attract up to 80 regular dinner guest investors on the third Monday every month except August.

Over the past 20 years I have also attended one day investor shows and they are usually run by events and promotion companies who, as commercial organisations, are attracted to the speculative story stocks usually searching for minerals and resources in far flung territories! My investor contacts all preferred less speculation and more security, often in dividend paying companies, so we were not served well by these events. So Mello 2014 was the forerunner for the UKs Premier event for investors and is actually created and run by investors and our last event, Mello 2018 built on that past success.

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